Love Letters Story a Fake? From London Tabloid? – MJEOL Bullet #28 UPDATE

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[b]‘Love Letters’ Story from London Tabloid – MJEOL Bullet #28[/b] UPDATE Is the “Love letters” story a total fake? It is now being reported that the “love letters” story came from a London tabloid. Fox News show ‘On The Record’ had Kansas District Attorney Nola Foulston saying she spoke with District Attorney Tom Sneddon within the last hour. Foulston reports that Sneddon is surprised by the media reports and says Sneddon denies any such letters even exist. Fox news reporter Roger Friedman, of all people, is reporting that the story is automatically questionable because of its source. The “story” being pushed by the media says that supposedly the Santa Barbara authorities seized “explicit videos” and “love letters” from Jackson’s home. That story appears to have originated from that tabloid in the UK. Even [url=][/url] is reporting that the “letters” story came from a “London tabloid” (see [url=]Michael Jackson Web site professes Innocence[/url]) There were immediate questions about these alleged “love letters” from the beginning. Questions arose immediately: Why were these letters found in Jackson’s home if they were [i]from[/i] Jackson [i]to[/i] the alleged victim? Further, why have at least three different stories about these alleged letters been circulating in the press? The first “story” is that these letters were found in Neverland by police. The second “story” says that the victim gave the police the letters. The third and most elaborate “story” says that the mother had the letters in her home. Then Jackson hired someone to come and break into her home to get them. By the time this story is outed for the lie it is, I guess the “story” will be that Jackson put a voodoo curse on the letters so that they flew through the air back to Neverland hoping no one would discover them. Let me stop. I don’t want to give the tabloids any more incredibly stupid stories to bandy around. -MJEOL

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