Cesspool of Garbage, Rumor, and Innuendo – MJEOL Bullet #29

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[b]Cesspool of Garbage, Rumor, and Innuendo – MJEOL Bullet #29[/b] Each time I see a raving loon proclaiming Jackson’s guilt in front of a worldwide audience, I always wish I could ask them one question: If you found out today that Jackson is innocent and that this was essentially a set-up, how would you feel after you’ve publicly berated him for something that he did not do? Indeed this country has the basic principle of ‘innocent until proven guilty’. However, if this country already thinks you are guilty because of the way you dress, look, or view the world, then that term goes flying out the window. Hypocritical? Yes it is. Jackson’s level of consciousness is far above most of our own. For example, he believes that children should be treated with as much love, honor, and respect as any other person. He does not believe in letting the television baby-sit children, hitting them when they explore their curiosity, nor does he think that children should be forced to be little adults-in-training. I wonder if it ever crosses their minds that Jackson is one of the people who actually gets off his ass and helps children–instead of being a long-winded whiner who loves to talk about children’s issues, but rarely does anything to help them. What goes on in peoples’ minds is beyond me. But the rabid, almost gleeful nature with which the media condemns Jackson—even before he has been formally charged with anything—is disgusting in itself. Throw in a mixture of ex-friends and ex-employees claiming to speak about their suspicions—suspicions they did not go to the police with, but rather went to book publishers, agents, talk shows and tabloid media—and you’ve got yourself a fee-for-all cesspool of garbage, rumor and innuendo. Will Jackson put the fear of God, so to speak, in some of those who hold so tightly to the ‘guilty until proven innocent’, bastardized version of America’s principle? Hopefully. However, you can almost count on the fact that they will not see the error of their ways until it is painfully obvious that the District Attorney Tom Sneddon was fishing for a way to get Jackson before he retires, or that the accusing family got themselves into a scam of which they cannot get out. All the talking-heads in the world are no match for truth and justice. I’d say look for those who have been proclaiming his guilt, as if they’ve been sitting in on a session with Ms. Cleo, to be in court involving defamation of character lawsuits. -MJEOL

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