Legal Analyst: Tape(s) Damaging to Prosecution Case – Bullet #34

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Legal Analyst: Tape(s) Damaging to Prosecution Case – MJEOL Bullet #34

Kimberly Guilfoyle Newsom appeared on CNN’s Anderson 360 tonight (Nov 26) speaking about the audio tape(s) of the mother and the accuser praising Michael Jackson. Newsom reports that she actually heard the tape in which the mother is gushing over how much Jackson has done for the family.

When asked if the tape(s) could be a potential bombshell to the case, Newsom says, “Well I think it could very well prove to be very damaging to the prosecution’s case.” She goes on further to say that if these statements made are believed it could “gut the prosecution’s case, casting doubt on the credibility of the victim, his mother and the claims that they have made against Michael Jackson.” Newsom’s source is a person close to Jackson’s defense team. She goes on to report that the family is heard in normal conversation mode and did not sound like they were being coerced in any way. She says

“In fact, it’s quite conversational, and they just talk about how blessed they are to be part of his ‘family’. So I think it’s going to be hard for the D.A. to overcome and say that this was the product of duress.”

Newsom also appeared later in the program, along with Gloria Allred’s spawn, Lisa Bloom, to further discuss these tape(s). Bloom did not hear the tape(s). Newsom reported that the tape she heard was made with a member of Jackson’s team and that an affidavit was signed by both a month after the tapes were made.

She continues “The mother and the alleged victim in this case are saying that Jackson [i]never[/i] acted inappropriately towards him whatsoever.” What is so compelling about the taped conversation, Newsom says, is that “They are making these statements on their own volition…”

The context in which the family is speaking could shoot down the theory that they must have been “under duress” making these statements. Further, signing the affidavit a month later shoots down the rumor that they were somehow held hostage at Neverland and made to make those tapes and sign the affidavits. What bothered Newsom the most as a prosecutor was that charges have yet to be filed in the case. Other legal experts have also admitted that if the charges were very strong against Jackson, he would have already been charged by now.

She speaks mockingly about the flimsy reason the DA claimed he had not issued an arrest warrant prior to the date of release of Jackson’s album:

“We heard the DA say he was going to issue this arrest warrant prior to Halloween, but there where a lot of trick-or-treaters in the Santa Barbara area, so he put it off…Again, if there is a child molester out there on the loose, then bring the charges and get this case going. Both sides deserve that.”

The DA further announced that no charges will be filed until the week of December 15 allegedly to prepare a website where they can post information about the case. If you view that excuse as another stall tactic as well, then you’re not the only one.

On the subject of leaks, Bloom and Newsom argue over who’s leaking what, and for what reason. Bloom claims that the defense is leaking information to sway the public. Newsom responds, “The power and strength of the DA’s office is considerable…The DA has been leaking quite a lot, through people at Court TV as well,” which is an obvious blow at Court TV regular, Lisa Bloom as well as Diane Dimond.

As you remember, Dimond was leaking information about the search and arrest warrants hours before they were ever served.

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