Smokey Robinson Supports Michael Jackson – MJEOL Bullet #32

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Smokey Robinson Speaks Out – MJEOL Bullet #32 Smokey Robinson appeared on the Abrahm’s Report (Nov 25) featuring guest host Catherine Crier. Robinson says he finds it “hard to believe that he could be guilty of things he’s being accused of.” He goes on to say the news media focuses much more on negative news than positive news. When Robinson was challenged by Crier as to whether or not he would feel the same way if it were any other 45 year old man, Robinson shut her down cold by saying: “…see because I don’t believe in condemning a person or saying that they’re guilty of whatever they’re being charged with until that’s been proven.” Robinson joins an ever-growing list of celebrities who know Jackson as well as family members, that have clarified the notion of “sleeping with” children: [quote][b]CRIER:[/b] What did you think about this statement in the documentary, this business about telling Bashir that he did sleep with young boys? [b]ROBINSON:[/b] Well I actually saw the documentary and I don’t recall him saying that. But even if he did, I mean I’m saying that no one has mentioned the fact that he said that he slept on the floor. The kids slept in the bed. [b]CRIER:[/b] Yes. [b]ROBINSON:[/b] He slept on the floor. That seems to evade every conversation about him sleeping with the kids. Everybody says well he slept with the kids. Nobody says he said he slept on the floor. [b]CRIER:[/b] Yes. [b]ROBINSON: [/b]The kids were in the same room with him, but nobody is talking about that. Everybody is talking about he slept with the kids. Yes, but how? He slept in the room with the kids, not in the bed with the kids. Nobody is talking about that. [/quote] Jermaine Jackson has also clarified the issue of “sleeping with” children (see [url=]Jermaine Jackson Clarifies ‘Bed-sharing’[/url]). Even the accuser admits in the Bashir documentary that Jackson slept on the floor whenever he and his siblings would sleep in Jackson’s bedroom. Robinson also says that Jackson is just as entitled to defend himself during this time, as other people are entitled to ask questions about his behavior. He says: [quote]Now I’m concerned about him too because he is a child. But also Michael’s life is at stake also. You know what I mean? Michael has a life just like the child does, just like the parents of the child. Everybody has a life. You know, so I think that Michael is entitled to defend his life as much as the alleged victim is entitled to bring out-about the accusations.”[/quote] A full transcript of the Smokey Robinson interview can be found at the MJEOL forums. See the topic: [url=] Smokey Robinson Defends Michael – TRANSCRIPT [/url] -MJEOL

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