DA Tactic: Discredit DCFS Investigation? Bullet #40

[b]DA Tactic: Discredit DCFS Investigation? – MJEOL Bullet #40[/b] District Attorney Tom Sneddon’s case was largely panned by news agencies around the world after an incredibly damaging memo surfaced concluding that the allegations against Jackson are “unfounded.” However, a new tactic has surfaced the day after: discredit the investigation done by the Department of Children & Family Services (DCFS). Despite reports that trained DCFS professionals talked to the family—more than once, separately from each other, and on more than one occasion—reporters and news agencies sympathetic to the prosecution (Court TV, Celebrity Justice, Catherine Crier, Jerry Nachman, Paula Zahn etc.) have made reports attempting to cast doubts on the validity of the DCFS/LAPD investigation… By accounts from those close to the family, Jackson would not be in-charge of anyone else’s child/children and not have another person or persons there 24 hours a day in case of emergencies; even when they are asleep in his room. To understand that point, you must understand the logistics of these occasional Neverland “sleepovers.” Note these two quotes from Jackson family attorney Brian Oxman, via a transcript of his appearance on Fox news the show hosted by Bill O’Reilly in March of this year:


OXMAN: It’s — and the door is wide open here because it’s like a physician who examines a female patient. They always have a female attendant present. What Martin Bashir didn’t show you was the female attendants or the adult attendants who were present. Michael has them there to protect not only the children but himself as well.


OXMAN: He slept on the floor, and what Bashir left out was that in the next room [b]with the doors wide open, in an anteroom, are guards there 24 hours a day[/b]

-[url=http://forum.mjeol.com/index.php?showtopic=2719]Snippets of Brian Oxman’s Appearance on O’Reilly Factor[/url] Thus, to understand why the mother would have said, during the investigation, her son “slept in the same room” as Jackson and also say the children “were never alone” with Jackson, one must understand the previous point. :4pinned READ FULL REPORT >>

Case against Jackson Going Up in Smoke? Bullet #39

MSNBC host Joe Scarborough (Scarborough Country) spoke with members close to the Jackson family, as well as a noted defense attorney and Court TV’s Lisa Bloom on his Dec 9 show. In Scarborough’s opening remarks, he says:


…the case against Michael Jackson is going up in smoke…The DA’s charges against Michael Jackson are collapsing like a house of cards. Today, a bombshell blew a hole in the DA’s case…”

That bombshell is the leaked memo which stated that a neutral 3rd party, the Department of Children & Family Services (DCFS) independently investigated allegations of molestation against Jackson earlier this year. They found those accusations to be “unfounded,” thus, without merit. An investigation was done in Feb 2003 in which all members of the family—mother, accuser, accuser’s bother and sister—flatly denied any wrongdoing whatsoever. There were multiple interviews conducted by the DCFS in which each member of the family was spoken to separately… One of the major holes in the prosecution’s case is trying to convince a jury beyond a reasonable doubt that Jackson would specifically molest the exact same child—after an investigation, after the mother already sought a civil attorney for who knows what reason, and after a public outcry against misunderstood relationships he’s had with children in general—who initially spurred an investigation into his relationship with children. :4pinnedREAD FULL REPORT >>