Court Document: Jackson Off to Great Britain Dec 20 – Jan 6

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Transcript of Court Document: Superior Court of The State Of California for The County of Santa Barbara (Cook Division) The people of the state of California, plaintiff VS. Michael Jackson et al.. defendant Case No.: 1133603 Agreement of parts and order continuing hearing date and excusing defendant from appearing [Penal Code 1301.5] Continued Date: January 16, 2004 [Previously set for January 9, 2004] Time: 8:30am Dept.: TBA IT IS HEREBY AGREED by and between the undersigned, in light of a request by the Superior Court, that the arraignment date listed on the defendant’s bail bond currently set for January 9, 2004, shall be continued to January 12, 2004, at a department to be determined, located at 312E. Cook Street, Santa Maria, California, and that the defendant’s presence is not lawfully required and he need not to appear at the January 9, 2004 hearing in light of the continuance, but defendant shall be required to appear at the January 16, 2004, hearing date. It is further agreed that the defendant may have his passport retorned to him to travel to Great Britain from December 20, 2003 to January 6, 2004, and that it will be returned to the district attorney on January 6, 2004 (signatures of:) Thomas W. Sneddon, district attorney for the county of Santa Barbara Mark J. Geragos, attorney for defendant Michael Jackson Michael Jackson, defendant David Perez, bail agent license No.: 1842097

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