Geragos Blasts Sneddon and the Prosecution’s so-called Case

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Mark Geragos did not mince words when he held a press conference today(Dec 18) blasting the prosecution. Here are my [u]rough notes[/u]: [i]Mark Geragos is irate and said that Mike is irate as well. Apparently, from the way he spoke, Geragos may have been trying to warn Sneddon of these people and their motives. But he said that for the truth to be know, there has to be 2 people: one to say the truth, and one to listen. And apparently Sneddon didn’t want to listen. Geragos also said that Michael is absolutely innocent of ANY crime. He can probably prove it too, as some of you already know that Mike was popping up all over the place around this time. Geragos said that there’s 2 things happening [paraphrasing]: 1. people want money 2. prosecution who wants revenge. He also said Sneddon’s trying to dismiss other people’s findings (Child Protective Services investigation) is an example of someone with an axe to grind. He said something like the people of Santa Barbara wouldn’t fall for for this divide and conquer “us against them” routine Sneddon was trying to pull when he dismissed the investigation done by CPS. He said that Michael will fight this with every fiber of his soul.[/i] [b]You can DOWNLOAD AUDIO of Mark Geragos’s speech at today’s press conference: :4pinned [url=][/url][/b] (Due to high volume, I’m now offering the download on this server as well. Big ups to Michelle.)

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