Transcript: Mark Geragos at Press Conference Dec 18 2003

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Speech by Mark Geragos at Press Conference Dec 18 2003 Announcer talking over 1st few sentences: [b]MARK GERAGOS, DEFENSE ATTORNEY FOR MICHAEL JACKSON:[/b] …filed. Michael Jackson is unequivocally and absolutely innocent of these charges. I can also tell you that contrary to what was said during that press conference, that the defense [i]does[/i] know what the prosecution thinks they have in this case. I can also tell you that beyond any shadow of a doubt, I know that the investigators, or so-called investigators, do not know what we know. One of the reasons I can tell you that…uh is because there’s an old adage…is that it takes two people for the truth to be heard: It takes someone to hear it and someone to tell it. And in this case, we have people who don’t wanna hear the truth. I was greatly disturbed by the strategy that has evolved in the last couple of days…uh, coming out of Santa Barbara’s D.A’s office, of getting very divisive. There was a…remarks today about…very dismissive of the Los Angeles Children’s Services Unit. I believe that all the good people of Santa Barbara understand something, and understand it greatly. There is no way you’re gonna be able to divide people into an “us-and-them”. There’s no way you’re going to be able to be dismissive of what trained investigators have already spent an inordinate amount of time investigating. Unless…unless you have what we have here. And what we have here is an intersection between a shakedown: somebody who’s looking for money, with somebody…an investigation that’s got an axe to grind. Because otherwise there would be no way…no way that any self-respecting prosecutor would be going forward on the basis of this patent and unbelievably…shakedown…is the only word I can use. I’ve been on this case and I have been involved in the investigation of this case since the inception. I can tell you right now that, unequivocally, there is no truth to any of this. Uh, interestingly enough, this morning we were in court on the matter versus XtraJet, which the last time many of you were here, we also talked about. Interestingly enough, a judge in a courtroom when evidence was presented, once again ruled for Michael Jackson. Once again, in a courtroom where you can’t get out there and do some kind of bad stand-up routine when you have to put-up or shut-up. A judge ruled and a judged ruled appropriately, that you could not abuse, that you could not slam Michael Jackson. I’m here to tell you right now Michael Jackson is going to fight these charges with every fiber of his soul. I’m here to tell you right now that we will take no quarter in this, in terms of this defense. I’m telling you right now that there is absolutely no way that we will stand for this besmirching of this man with these horrible, horrible allegations. And I will tell you right now that there is no way the prosecution will prevail in this case. I will tell you one other thing. There was some talk about the passport and the passport being given back. And there were questions that were, uh…talked about: ‘will he flea’. Michael Jackson not only will NOT flea, Michael Jackson is here ensconced, ready to fight. He is strong. He is defiant, as well he should be because he knows and I know that these charges are completely and wholly unfounded. He’s not running! He’s not hiding! He came back immediately when informed about these charges. And he is as irate as I am. And everybody else who knows anything about the history of these accusers, anybody who knows anything about the history of the investigators and the axes they have to grind, knows that these charges are not only categorically untrue, but they’re driven…DRIVEN by two things: money and revenge. And we will prove that. Thank you very much. [i]Geragos leaves the podium[/i] -MJEOL As you already know, [b]you can DOWNLOAD AUDIO of Mark Geragos’s speech at today’s press conference: :4pinned [url=][/url][/b] (Due to high volume, I’m now offering the download on this server as well. Big ups to Michelle.)

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