Jackson Family/Publicist Statement

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE [b]JACKSON FAMILY [/b] [i]Los Angeles, California, December 31, 2003[/i] “What the tapes the Santa Barbara sheriff released shows is interesting but what it conceals is vital. The tapes do not address any of the allegations that Michael made but only paint a portrait of what the sheriff’s men did when the cameras were on them, not what they did when no one was looking. We look forward to a further investigation when all the facts come out in due course.” [b]Michael Jackson’s Publicist, Kevin J. McLin Sr.[/b] Los Angeles, Ca.— As a publicist for Michael Jackson, I would like to set the record straight on the dismissal of Michael’s former spokesperson, Stuart Backerman. Mr. Backerman is claiming he resigned over “strategic differences “ with Mr. Jackson’s advisors. This is not true. Mr. Backerman and I both attended the Jackson family get-together December 20th, at Neverland ranch. Both Mr. Backerman and I were present at the media briefing by Michael’s attorney Mark Geragos. Both Mr. Backerman and I agreed not to make any statements to the press without authorization by Mr. Geragos. Mr. Backerman spoke to the press without that authorization and was terminated for refusing to acknowledge that agreement. Source: Kevin McLin/[url=http://www.mjjforum.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=20866&st=0]MJJF[/url]

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