Attorney Suing Sneddon for $10M talks to MJJF, MJJF Radio Show

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[b]The MJJF Radio Show: Interview with Gary Dunlap[/b] Part 1: Dunlap discusses his lawsuit against Sneddon’s office for a “sting operation” against him, including illegal phone call recordings, bugging, witness tampering, and several violations of his civil rights. Link: [url=]…000FF&pm=2&h=25[/url] Part 2: Confidential settlements, stacking charges, vindictive prosecutions, and discusses the Michael Jackson case inc. that he once sued Michael Jackson on a wrongful termination case. Link (2a): [url=]…000FF&pm=2&h=25[/url] Link (2b-short): [url=]…000FF&pm=2&h=25[/url] Part 3: Jackson case (cont.), S.B. County booking process, A.G. investigations, Grand Jury discussion re: Jackson case. Link (3a): [url=]…000FF&pm=2&h=25[/url] Link (3b): [url=]…000FF&pm=2&h=25[/url] :timebomb Transcript: [url=]FULL Transcript[/url]

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