Geragos: “Heads will roll”, Blasts Leaks & Sheriff – Bullet #56

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Geragos: “Heads will roll”, Blasts Leaks & Sheriff – MJEOL Bullet #56 Mark Geragos did not mince words during a question-and-answer session with MSNBC. He reaffirmed that he is, in fact, in control of Jackson’s defense contrary to false rumors that have been spread by jealous employees and ex-hangers-on. Geragos says these recent “leaks” cited in the inaccurate stories published by the New York Times are from “people we’ve fired and it’s about sour grapes.” Geragos says these “leaks” are those who still want to cash in even though they’ve been thrown from the Jackson gravy-train:


MSNBC: You mentioned that you know where the leaks are coming from. Why are members of Jackson’s own camp leaking information, and information you say is untrue? Geragos: Money. This whole deal from its inception has been about money. Everybody, including those who were once close to my client, is trying to put their hands in Michael Jackson’s pocket and I’m not going to stand by and let it happen.

Jackson’s defense attorney also slaps down the lingering Nation of Islam falsity spread by the New York Times and other news organizations around the world:


MSNBC: Recent published reports have cast suspicion over the role of the Nation of Islam. Geragos: I know you are referring to the New York Times article that said (NOI Chief of Staff) Leonard Muhammad has taken over. The New York Times article was woefully inadequate and while it may appear that (’s) Roger Friedman’s stories have some validity, I know the sources of that information and the information is also untrue. MSNBC: So, what exactly is Leonard Muhammad’s role? Geragos: Leonard Muhammad is officially an advisor to Michael Jackson. He does not work out of my office and is not my boss. Leonard is not a lawyer. We don’t have enough room in my office for someone else. To say he’s moved into my office is laughable. I had a good laugh at that.

Geragos says he will hold a confrontational meeting Jan 10 with the entire Jackson camp and “heads will roll.” He also says district attorney Tom Sneddon’s timeline is “ridiculous” and that Jackson “has a concrete, iron-clad alibi for the dates they are saying this abuse took place. The fact of the matter is, no abuse ever happened.” Concerning the allegations of manhandling, Geragos says he stands by his client and that there has been a “long standing vendetta the authorities in Santa Barbara have had with Michael Jackson. I stand by my client and believe in him totally.” He calls the Santa Barbara sheriff a “moron” for even considering taking Jackson’s admission on a CBS 60 Minutes interview as a formal complaint. In fact, legal experts have said that the sheriff was over-reaching, at best, to even suggest more charges could be filed against Jackson because of his statements on 60 Minutes. To read the full transcript of this explosive new interview with Jackson’s defense attorney, Mark Geragos, and to leave comments, click over to the Transcripts & Statements forum! See the topic: :4pinned Geragos: I’m in charge, Sheriff is a moron :smile

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