Jackson reportedly buys Beverly Hills mansion, MSNBC

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[b]Jackson reportedly buys Beverly Hills mansion[/b] Pop singer says he will not live at Neverland ranch again [i]By Stacy Brown MSNBC[/i] Updated: 6:02 p.m. ET Jan. 07, 2004 Michael Jackson has purchased a home in Beverly Hills, according to members of his family. “My mother went up to see Michael the other day and the house is beautiful,” Jermaine Jackson, the star’s older brother said Wednesday. The purchase comes in the wake of reports that the pop superstar, who has sold more than 100 million records, is deeply in debt. “All the stuff the media is saying about Michael’s finances is crazy,” Jermaine Jackson said. “Michael is fine. Some people would like to see him broke, but that’s not the case.” …Click “Read More…” to continue story …continued… During an interview with “60 Minutes”, Jackson said he would never live at his Neverland ranch in Los Olivos, Calif., again after Santa Barbara County sheriff’s deputies raided the 2,700 acre estate in November. “It’s not a home anymore,” Jackson said in the interview. “I will never live there again.” Jackson purchased Neverland in 1988 for an amount said to be between $12-20 million. He built a theme park, zoo and a number of other attractions on the property. During a gathering of supporters at the ranch last month, Jackson arrived and, upon exiting a limousine, went directly to one of the guest suites on the property instead of the main house. He said he didn’t want to see what his bedroom looked like and that his staff had told him that he’d probably cry if he saw it. “He was serious when he said he wasn’t going to live at Neverland anymore,” sister Rebbie Jackson said. “I can’t say that I blame him.” The price tag for the Beverly Hills home was not immediately known, but family members said the singer paid cash for the two-story mansion. Stacy Brown, who offers analysis for MSNBC TV, is a Jackson family friend. © 2003 MSNBC Interactive :4pinned Source: [url=http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/3900547/]http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/3900547/[/url] :4pinned [url=http://forum.mjeol.com/index.php?showtopic=12797]Comments?[/url]

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