Court showdown nears, News-Press

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Court showdown nears Press, defense attorneys challenge request for gag order By DAWN HOBBS NEWS-PRESS STAFF WRITER Attorneys for Michael Jackson and several media organizations, including the Santa Barbara News-Press, filed motions Monday challenging District Attorney Tom Sneddon’s request for a gag order in the entertainer’s child molestation case… In his motion opposing the gag order, Jackson attorney Mark Geragos argues that the prosecution fails to provide “one scintilla of evidence demonstrating that the speech it seeks to restrain” creates any sort of danger or threat, and that the “prosecutors’ true motivation in seeking this extreme relief is to protect them from themselves.”… Mr. Sneddon has appeared on Court TV and CNN and held press conferences, Mr. Geragos pointed out. “Virtually every public pronouncement has been characterized by what could at best be described as verbal gaffes, and at worst as prosecutorial misconduct,” he said. “These actions range from vouching for the credibility of the witnesses and injecting a jocular atmosphere into what are obviously serious allegations, to making blatant misstatements of the law to millions of people watching this prosecutorial circus.” … :nav [url=]Read FULL Article >>[/url]

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