Disgusting Details Leaked by Prosecution? Bullet #64

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Disgusting Details Leaked by Prosecution? – MJEOL Bullet #64 Leaking leakers and the Leaks who leak them On the eve of Jackson’s arraignment, Celebrity Justice began reporting disgusting details about what the accuser said Jackson allegedly did. Brian Oxman, Jackson family attorney, appeared on Scarborough Country (Jan 15 2004) to discuss the latest leaked information. Oxman says this district attorney, Tom Sneddon, is “playing games with its ethics and with the nature of its prosecution” by leaking this information to Celebrity Justice after filing a motion to gag members of Jackson’s family and defense team. Oxman confirms that these leaks, for which Celebrity Justice refuses to give up its source(s), can only come from one place: the prosecution. Indeed, many see this information being made public as a misguided attempt to sway possible jurors after the prosecution ran to the judge proclaiming that Jackson’s team was the ones too cozy with the media. You can bet Geragos isn’t the one leaking disgusting tales of what this accuser is saying Jackson did. So where did it come from? I’ll give you one guess. Celebrity Justice “reporter” Pat Lalamas also appeared on the program and never denied that the district attorney is the source for the information she and her cohorts are now spreading. Oxman goes further in his scathing reprimand of the district attorney’s gall in leaking information: “It [the leaking] has been continuous, it’s ongoing, and it is designed to prejudice the jury pool.” Oxman cites the leaking of the alcohol allegation to Diane Dimond before it was made public in the DA’s charging document. Oxman continues by saying “…literally 5 months before the case was even initiated, the district attorney was leaking it.” He also emphatically states that the DA’s office is “out of control” with their incredibly unethical behavior and “somebody needs to reign” Sneddon in. Strong, Expanding Defense Oxman correctly asserts that Mark Geragos is playing his hand “close to the vest,” and says he’s only talking to Jackson about what the defense strategy is. According to him, we will see a defense team that is focused on the fact that the accuser has previously denied any abuse three different times: during the Child Services investigations, via affidavit under penalty of perjury, and on videotape. The fact that Jackson has expanded his defense team to include high powered lawyer Ben Brafman has already drawn misguided speculation about how strong the defense thinks its case is. However, Oxman says he thinks it’s “evidence that Mark Geragos knows his business and knows how to conduct a defense with quality people surrounding him…He’s got the quality experience. He’s the guy that’s going to orchestrate the defense team. And it’s going to be quite good.” You can hear audio of the Oxman interview by clicking over to the MJEOL Downloads section. See the file: :nav[url=http://site.mjeol.com/modules/mydownloads/]Scarborough – Brian Oxman Jan 15 2004[/url] -MJEOL

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