Fans Manhandled by some police officers at Jackson Arraignment

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[img][/img] [b]The good and bad of law enforcement [/b] … And, as Jackson pulled past mother and child, the police moved quickly down the street, protecting and serving with honor. Most of them acted professionally. Too many did not, however, creating more problems than they solved. During the rush, one muscular Santa Maria officer grabbed a frail-looking young man and bulled him forcefully out of the way. Turning, the cop grabbed a young woman and spun her around by her shoulders. Then he grabbed another body and yet another, manhandling male and female alike from where they stood near the line of dark vehicles that sat idling and ready to take the entourage away. The cop attacked – not the other way around. As the Jackson caravan slowly pulled away, the rush became even madder when the vehicle carrying the defiant defendant stopped occasionally so fans could touch or see him. Police seemed confused and unsure how to handle the rush. So as packs of fans ran down the street, even blocks from the courthouse, some police ran amok. Showing my city police press pass at all times and trying to stay out of the way, I ran along the curb with police and fans. Suddenly a Santa Maria police officer moved close and slammed both hands into my chest. I kept moving, staying close to the curb and trying to follow the totally unwritten rules that the alleged peace officer was making up as he went. Once again he moved my way and slammed his hands into my chest… :nav [url=]Read FULL Article[/url]

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