Report Police Abuse at Jackson’s arraignment on Jan 16 2004

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From MJJF: Special Announcement — Many fans have witnessed what can only be described as police brutality after the January 16th arraignment of Michael Jackson. Fans and local Santa Maria journalists alike complained that many young fans were hit, muffled, grabbed, and manhandled by the sheriff’s department and local police. You’re about to listen to an account of police brutality that one of our members witnessed. We’re asking ALL fans who were there that may have witnessed or was a victim to police mishandling to step forward and file an official complaint. Ron and I will help you do this, as we will contact Mr. Jackson’s representatives, The Jackson family attorney, media contacts and The Attorney General of California. Your constitutional and civil rights have been violated and you need to come forward. You can even remain anonymous but we must get your accounts recorded so we can transcribe them and forward them to the appropriate people. [b]How can you come forward?[/b] On January 21, 2004, between 10:30 am – 11:30 am PST (1:30 pm – 2:30 pm EST) Ron and I will conduct a series of interviews. We would like anyone who witnessed or experienced first hand what they consider police mishandling to call us on the MJJF conference line. Here are the instructions: Please call 1-702-851-4040 Enter Pin #2 When prompted, enter conference room: 52783427 Introduce yourself or you can remain anonymous. You can also email your statements to and set up a time to call. Please do not be scared. We’re here for you and we will help you every step of the way and that’s a promise. Please listen to the following messages: [url=]AUDIO MESSAGE #1[/url] [url=]AUDIO MESSAGE #2[/url] *Note – on Audio #1, there is distortion on the first few minutes of the broadcast due to equipment difficulties. :nav Source: [url=]MJJF[/url]

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