Accusing Family Using Illness to Gain Sympathy? Bullet #70 Update #4

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Accusing Family Using Illness to Gain Sympathy? – MJEOL Bullet #70 Update #4 There is a new round of reports claiming that Jackson’s accuser is “gravely ill.” However, sources have told MSNBC’s Dan Abrams that the accuser is in good health:

“New reports today suggests that he is ill, struggling with medical problems, out of the spotlight…Now my sources tell me the boy is actually doing quite well, considering that he is still recovering from a bout with cancer.”

In fact, if the accuser was “gravely ill,” Sneddon would have already filed court documents addressing the issue according to criminal defense attorney Natasha Lapiner-Gerisi:

“You said you are not sure if this leak is true or what you‘ve heard that the kid is in good health. I think if he was gravely ill, we would be seeing moving papers from the district attorney saying I think we might need a conditional examination.”

No such documents have been filed thus far. In an effort to gain sympathy, Jamie Masada, the man who introduced this accuser to Jackson, held a press conference today (Jan 22) claiming the accuser needs a new kidney, but is doing “better”. Masada is whining that the family is a “very simple, naïve” family, who “only wants justice”. Masada does not explain, however, why the family attempted to file a civil lawsuit against Jackson last year if they only wanted “justice” (see Bombshell from Johnny Cochran…), nor does he say who gave him the authority to hold a press conference discussing the health of the accuser. According to Masada, he took the family to attorney Bill Dickerman because the accuser’s name and image were used in the Martin Bashir documentary without getting written permission from his mother. It is unclear how many attorneys the mother went to before Masada took her to Dickerman. This, however, totally contradicts what Dickerman himself has said in an interview with NBC earlier. Dickerman basically claimed on an episode of Dateline NBC that the accusing family came to him because the mother was concerned about some of her property being taken and put into storage by Jackson’s people without her permission. Most of the media have yet to point out such obvious contradictions in the very reason why civil attorneys were initially brought into this situation. Sources have said previously that the mother went to Jackson demanding money for her son’s appearance in the documentary. When Jackson didn’t pay up, she went to an attorney. Dickerman then directed the family to Larry Feldman, the same attorney involved in the 1993 case. Inexplicably, the accuser suddenly had to see a shrink where allegations of molestation were “dragged out of him”. In fact, Masada did not explain how the meeting escalated from talking about an unapproved appearance in a documentary, to the accuser needing to see a shrink to discuss molestation. Suspicious? Highly. Masada also claims he is getting death threats and says the Santa Barbara police are investigating. Maybe it’s the district attorney or the accuser’s mother threatening him because he’s blowing their non-existent case with all of the incredible contradictions in the stories he’s told thus far. The comedy club owner was telling a different story months ago. From the Associated Press, reported on Nov 27 2003:

“The kid is not doing very good,” Masada said at a Thanksgiving dinner for the homeless that he holds at the club each year…Masada said he saw the boy earlier this week. He said the boy was being treated at home, not a hospital, but was getting dialysis treatments”
(see Jackson’s alleged victim said very ill Nov 27 2003).

Masada made an interesting statement during the press conference though. He says the accuser is on medication because of his illness. If Jackson had “plied” this accuser with “an intoxicating substance” like wine in order to molest him, the combination of pills and alcohol would most like have killed him. One interesting question is why this story seems to keep resurfacing, although it never accompanies any report of the accuser definitely being admitted to a hospital anywhere. It is unlikely someone would be “gravely ill” and not be under a physicians care. This obvious question is most likely why Masada held the press conference to clear up the “gravely ill” rumors. Even if one would have taken these reports seriously, the accusing family would have had to explain why the accusing child appeared to be healthy physically, mentally and emotionally as long as he was under Jackson’s attention and care. Then, away from Jackson’s finances and attention, he’s suddenly “gravely ill” again. The most interesting question, however, is whether or not the accuser’s family is pushing this story as a way to gain sympathy for the accuser. Further, some people may be trying to play to Jackson’s heartstrings in hopes he will cave to prosecutors and not defend himself in a misguided effort to “spare” the accuser from having to go through a trial. Jackson is showing no signs of falling for this possible rouse. The next time news organizations start to cover Jackson with as much intensity as they did during his arraignment, we will more than likely hear another round of “gravely ill” rumors designed to off-set any gains in public opinion for Jackson. And we may also get another press conference where Masada is boo-hooing about receiving “death threats”. Keep your hankies ready folks. Stay tuned. -MJEOL

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