Accuser’s Father to File Petition to See Kid – ET

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[img align=left][/img][b]JACKSON ACCUSER’S FATHER’S PETITION[/b] January 22, 2004 The father of the 14-year-old cancer patient who has accused MICHAEL JACKSON of molestation plans to petition Los Angeles Superior Court to see his son. Varying reports of the child’s failing health have prompted the father into action. Wednesday, a published report alleged that the boy has lost a kidney, spleen and adrenal gland in his fight with cancer and is in seclusion with his mother and siblings. The father of three wants to see for himself. The alleged victim’s parents underwent a contentious divorce with allegations of abuse levied against the father. He reportedly pleaded no contest to two counts of misdemeanor domestic abuse and does not currently have visitation rights with his son.
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