Sneddon Attempting to Silence the Father’s Attorney? Bullet#73

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[b]Sneddon Attempting to Silence the Father’s Attorney? – MJEOL Bullet #73[/b] Russ Halpern, the attorney for the accuser’s father, appeared on Court TV’s Crier Live Tuesday (Jan 27). Halpern says he received a letter from district attorney Tom Sneddon claiming that he may be a potential witness in this Jackson case. If it seems strange to you why anyone would think the attorney for the father of the accuser would be involved in any way with this current alleged molestation case, you are not alone. The father hasn’t even seen the accuser in a year, so what would make the district attorney claim his lawyer may be a witness? It seems ridiculous that Halpern would be a potential witness. It is speculated that he is attempting to get Halpern to fall under Judge Melville’s gag order so that he can no longer release very damaging information about the mother and the children’s past history for lying to the authorities. Halpern says:

“I was told by him [Sneddon] that he thought that I might be a potential witness because I may be an impeaching witness.”

This begs the question for whom would Halpern be an impeaching witness if he has no first-hand knowledge about anything regarding this alleged molestation case? Further, is Sneddon trying to get Halpern covered under the gag order in order to shut him up? It is highly possible seeing as how Halpern has released some incredibly unflattering documents which highlight the children’s history of telling different stories under oath and to authority figures based on the mother’s instruction. After contacting the DA concerning that letter, Halpern contacted Mark Geragos. Geragos agreed with Halpern “that there is no possible way on earth that I could be a witness either for the defense or the prosecution.” Not only does this show what may be Sneddon’s true intention for claiming Halpern is a potential witness, it may also speak to the strength of Jackson’s defense. It is speculated that Jackson’s attorneys don’t necessarily need any cooperation from the father to prove Jackson’s innocence, nor have they initiated contact with the father or his attorney requesting they testify on Jackson’s behalf. In MJEOL Bullet #59, we learned from these damaging documents that the mother has a large amount of control over her children, including the accuser. Halpern gave an interview Jan 8 to Dan Abrams in which he stated:

“Child Services were called to the home following a family disturbance and they spoke to the children without the mother being present. During that interview, they told Child Services that the father had never struck them, never struck their mother. And then following that, the mother after receiving a card in the door called the Child Services very upset…they came back, and when they came back, and the mother was present, they [the children] changed their story.” See (LA County DCFS Report) See (State of California Health and Welfare Agency Report)

This would not be the first time Sneddon has used his office to get his way. As you all remember, Gary Dunlap is an attorney currently suing Tom Sneddon and the DA’s office for $10M in federal court. Dunlap has had many run-ins with the tactics of the DA’s office and the Santa Barbara sheriff’s department. He alleges the district attorney’s office is guilty of racketeering, witness tampering, defamation of character and violating his civil rights. Since it is obvious certain members of the prosecution have been trying this case in the court of public opinion since their first unprofessional press conference, it would make since they would want to slap a gag order on the attorney for the father of the accuser. Halpern expressed to Crier that he believes Sneddon’s letter was a “disingenuous effort on his part to keep me from speaking out on behalf of my client.” Disingenuous indeed. You can listen to the Audio of this interview here: :3pinned [url=]CrierLive: Russ Halpern, father’s atty talks about Sneddon[/url] -MJEOL

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