Sneddon Keeping Father from Seeing Accuser? – Bullet #74

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[b]Sneddon Keeping Father from Seeing Accuser? – MJEOL Bullet #74[/b] It was recently reported that the father of the accuser has petitioned the court to be allowed to see his children. Today (Jan 28) the judge in that case, Richard Denner, initially denied the father the right to see his children, but set another court date for Feb 24 to allow the father to present additional evidence showing why he should be allowed to see them. Russ Halpern, the attorney for the accuser’s father, provided proof in court that the father has completed both anger management and parenting courses since their divorce in 2001. According to Halpern, the father previously pled no contest to child cruelty in 2002 in which prosecutors didn’t offer any jail time because of the circumstances surrounding the credibility of the mother and her children. The father is also attempting to use Jackson as a means to gain access to the children by trying to show the mother as “unfit” for letting the accuser stay at Neverland “unsupervised” with Jackson. However, anyone who has ever been at Neverland can testify to the constant security and supervision for all children on the premises even when they are in the company of Jackson. The mother herself told the Department of Children and Family Services in Feb 2003 that “her children are never alone with the entertainer [Jackson]. She further stated that her son has slept in the same room with the entertainer but they did not share a bed. The entertainer would sleep on the floor” (see Allegations “Unfounded” Memo ). These are words coming out of the mother’s own mouth before the allegations were made. There could also be information learned about the logistics of these “sleepovers” that could put a lot of peoples’ minds at ease who may think them inappropriate. The mother’s attorney, Mr. Manning, provided letters to the court: one from the sheriff’s deputies saying the accuser appears to be healthy, and another from the district attorney’s office saying that the father should not be allowed to see his children. The question is whether or not Sneddon and the Santa Barbara sheriff’s department are acting on behalf of the mother, and if they are attempting to keep the father from talking to the children for fear they would tell their father a different story regarding these allegations. The stories of the accuser being “gravely ill”, which the press totally ran with, may have originally been an attempt to gain sympathy and to turn the public against Jackson. But what these reports did was to hasten the father’s attempts to see his children, especially this accuser. Halpern says the mother’s attorney also produced letters from the accuser’s doctors saying the accuser is in stable condition and his cancer is in remission. This info, however, is totally contradictory to the story Jamie Masada—the man who introduced the accuser to Jackson—was telling the press in Nov 2003. According to Masada then, the accuser was allegedly gravely ill. He too, has since changed his public story supposedly because the father is now trying to gain access to the children. According to the AP, the father is “a youthful looking, heavy set man with thinning hair” who “appeared on the verge of tears at several points during the hearing, especially after the judge’s order denying him the opportunity to see his children” (see Judge initially denies Father’s request, sets hearing for Feb 24 ). The father declined to give any interviews after the hearing. Stay tuned. -MJEOL

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