Jackson Fishing Expeditions Continue – Bullet #78

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[b]Jackson Fishing Expeditions Continue – MJEOL Bullet #78[/b] After hearing reports about some of what was taken from Jackson’s home, it’s no wonder why the district attorney of Santa Barbara is currently raiding the homes of current and former Jackson associates. Some legal experts have admitted the DA didn’t yield much, if anything, from Jackson’s home when it was ransacked by police in Nov 2003. Is that why investigators are continuing with their ‘fishing’ expeditions? In the heavily redacted information released to the press about the search warrant, it states investigators took computers, legal documents, videotapes, a note found on Jackson’s nightstand, a laptop, a digital camera and various papers. Sound like stuff that’s in millions of peoples’ homes right now. In processing this information, it should be noted that this is only what was taken from Jackson’s property. This does not speak to what evidence if any was found in those items. Something conspicuously absent, however, from the findings was child pornography. In fact, there was no child porn found anywhere with anyone whose house was raided by Sneddon. Possessing child porn in a federal offense and the Feds would have long brought Jackson up on charges within days of searching his home if he or anyone connected with him was in possession of it. Most investigators and psychiatrists have never heard of a case where a pedofile was not in possession of child porn anywhere in his/her home. This is the reason why so many talking-heads who were quick to try to convict Jackson in the court of public opinion have backed off of their once rabid speculations. Criminal defense attorney Mickey Sherman recently spoke to CBS news about the matter:

[b] “Defense attorney Mickey Sherman told Early Show co-anchor Hannah Storm the lack of child pornography charges show the seizure of the computer and other items didn’t yield much ammunition for prosecutors. “The proof, I think, that they didn’t find such gold booty is that they didn’t charge any new charges when they finally got around to charging him,” Sherman said.” [/b] (see [url=http://forum.mjeol.com/index.php?showtopic=13760]Seizure of Jackson’s items didn’t yield much[/url])

Also according to the CBS report, the only magazine found at Jackson’s home was the Robb Report, a financial magazine. If you remember, tabloid hack Diane Dimond reported months ago that her “sources” said there was a briefcase of pornographic magazines found. Was this an intentional lie as evidenced by the search warrant information released by Judge Melville? This should make one skeptical of reports from people such as Dimond. In fact, regular Jackson basher Roger Friedman has even expressed skepticism about the strength, or lackthereof, of the case against Jackson. In a recent column he writes:

[b] “Still laughing about the “big” news of what investigators took from Neverland back on Nov. 17? Did they find copies of kiddie porno magazines? No. The publication they discovered was the Robb Report. If Michael’s reading that to his alleged victims, it’s no wonder they’re sleeping in his bed. They’re falling asleep from boredom before they can exit!” (see [url=http://forum.mjeol.com/index.php?showtopic=13775]Friedman: Still laughing…[/url]) [/b]

As amused as Friedman and others are, it is a very serious curiosity as to what, if any, corroborating evidence investigators have found. Having an allegation, then having the child’s sibling say it happened too is hardly “corroboration.” Could this be what Sneddon’s counting on? In a previous MJEOL Bullet, I expressed that Sneddon probably expected an avalanche of accusers to come simply from this one allegation. He obviously did not get what he wanted or else he wouldn’t be raiding Mark Schaffel’s home over two months after Jackson’s home was ransacked. Schaffel told Celebrity Justice that there is no “incriminating evidence” against Jackson. His lawyer was present when the police raided his home, but he wasn’t. Believe it or not, this lack of evidence was partly foreshadowed this year by gossip columnist Cindy Adams. Getting non-negative Jackson related gossip out of her is like trying to get it to rain on the Sun…like trying to get blood for a turnip…like trying to get Sneddon to place 1st in the World’s Sexiest Man contest…like, well you get the idea. Here’s what Adams wrote Jan 9 2004:

[b] January 9, 2004 — LOS ANGELES legal types are saying Michael Jackson cannot be found guilty. That two lawyers earlier refused this case believing it “not strong enough.” That it was shopped around for three months. That some in the Santa Barbara police community believed there wasn’t sufficient evidence to go on. That even attorneys who had opposed Michael in the first case determined they didn’t want in on this one. That forces behind the plaintiff were not motivated by familial or legal issues. That this indictment “could fall apart unless additional evidence is found.” Legal brains closer at hand are calling this “flimsy,” saying “they have nothing that’s triable.” I’m not siding. I’m just reporting. [/b] (see [url=http://forum.mjeol.com/index.php?showtopic=12849]Tabloid Columnist reporting flimsy case[/url])

Of course, those of us with sense already knew as much. Celebrity Justice reported about the recent raid at Mark Schaffel’s home. Although they greatly exaggerate the association between Jackson and Schaffel, and report incorrectly that investigators were exonerated from the allegation that they searched parts of Jackson’s home for which they didn’t have a search warrant, Jane Valez-Mitchell says:

[b]“But our sources say, while they did seize computers and correspondence and files, they did not find that brass ring. They did not find anything that is going to really help them [the prosecution] with their case.”[/b] (see [url=http://forum.mjeol.com/index.php?showtopic=13768]Scarborough Country Feb 2-TRANSCRIPT[/url])

It seems the only thing the recent Vanity Fair article by Wacko Ortho (Maureen Orth) did was to raise many more questions about the validity of the case, about the timeline, about the characters involved, about the motives of her “sources”, and about the actions of the accuser’s family. Could that be why the VF article has seemed to disappear from ‘Top 10 Stories’ lists around the country? Could that be why Wacko Ortho is no longer providing a blitzkrieg of appearances? Is this case riding on its figurative rims? Is Sneddon ready to admit he came into this case with the assumption of guilt instead of seeking the truth? If he stops now, he will be handing to Jackson ‘malicious prosecution’ on a silver platter. If Sneddon stops this now, Jackson may show a little mercy. If someone with sense has to step in to stop this doomed train, I doubt Santa Barbara County and the state of California would get off Jackson’s “doodoo”-list as easy. Stay tuned. -MJEOL :nav [url=http://forum.mjeol.com/index.php?showtopic=13785]Your comments?[/url]

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