Bombshells from Ed Bradley about Accusing Family – Bullet #80

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Bombshells from Ed Bradley about Accusing Family – MJEOL Bullet #80

Ed Bradley appeared on CNN’s Larry King Live last night (Feb 4) and made some shocking revelations about this accusing family.

According to Bradley, he went to Neverland in Feb 2003 to interview Jackson. Remember, the DA is alleging Jackson abused this accuser from Feb 7 2003- March 10 2003. During his many hours there, Bradley saw the accusing family at Jackson’s Neverland Ranch.

Bradley says as he was waiting on Jackson to return and do an interview then, he sat in the kitchen “having coffee and doughnuts and sodas” with the accuser and his family. The mother and her kids, including the accuser, all were willing to go on television and talk about what a great person Jackson is.

King appeared to be shocked as well with this information. Keep in mind the timeline. According to the accusing family’s story now, they allegedly were being held hostage at Neverland at this time. They made no mention of being “held hostage” to Bradley.

Bradley did not mention that there were people seemingly keeping the family at Neverland either. Just before Jackson was about to do the interview with Bradley, he allegedly received a phone call from Marlon Brando warning him that someone had leaked the 1993 accuser’s affidavit to the press, without leaking Jackson’s answer to that affidavit.

This story was made available to millions of people all over the world and anyone with access to a computer would be able to read the sordid, unproven details. It is unclear if this current accuser had access to the details of the 1993 accuser’s affidavit. When asked by King how he responded when he found out this accusing family was the same family he talked to in Feb 2003, Bradley says:

“I was stunned because they were there to tell me that day what a great person he was…I was shocked that that was the kid because both the child and his mother were praising Michael and were sitting there in his kitchen eating and saying what a great person he was”

Does this sound like people who were being kidnapped to you? Me either. Further, Bradley and others have placed the mother there with her children. This shoots down the asinine theory that Jackson “lures” these children away from their family and is always with these children “unsupervised.”

When asked about the New York Times article, which accused CBS of paying for the 60 Minutes interview with Jackson, Bradley was emphatic in his denials. He said the Times article, which has been questioned by other news agencies such as Fox, was “completely wrong.”

Bradley says CBS News never paid for the Jackson interview, Jackson’s people never asked them for money, and that the story in the Times used a disgruntled ex-employee of Jackson’s as its source. Bradley says:

“The quote was put in my mouth in the New York Times story saying I said, “don’t worry, we’ll take care of it”. Who said I said that? The person they attributed that quote to was described as a disgruntled former Jackson associate, unnamed, who felt that he was owed money. Now, that’s not a very credible source. What bothered me was that they never contacted me directly to say, ‘did you say that?’ “

Contrary to some legal analysis by talking heads after the 60 Minutes interview, Mark Geragos was the person who was in contact with CBS about Jackson doing the interview.

So Jackson was not “uncontrollable” or doing the interview without Geragos’s approval. In fact, Geragos as well was interviewed by Bradley on 60 Minutes. When asked by a caller if he would sue the New York Times for libel, Bradley says no “because I don’t think it meets the standard of libel…And I think that to meet the standard for libel it has to be malice of forethought.”

He doesn’t think malice of forethought was the intent of the Times reporter. Bradley says he “came away not convinced that he [Jackson] is a pedophile. I think that that’s something that only a jury can decide…but I came away not convinced that he is a pedophile.”

Bradley’s information concerning Jackson’s finances was incredibly erroneous and he seems to think Jackson – who is regularly talked about like a piece of trash in the press and has been dealing with real life since the age of 6 – is out of touch with reality.

Personally, I couldn’t care less how Bradley thinks Jackson pays his bills, or if he misinterprets the meaning of Jackson’s “Neverland.” The most important information was the shocking revelations about the family.

With new reports of the mother spending time in a mental hospital in 1998, coaching her kids to lie in previous civil suits, possibly pawning her children off on other celebrities, the children telling conflicting stories all over the place depending on the needs of the mother, it is unclear if the charges against Jackson will be dropped or if the case will even make it past a preliminary hearing.

Stay tuned.


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