Fired Employee Sues Jackson – Bullet #91

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Fired Employee Sues Jackson – MJEOL Bullet #91 According to tabloid show Celebrity Justice, a fired employee of Jackson’s is currently suing him for $50,000. Cynthia Montgomery alleges she paid $18,000 for the plane Jackson used to fly back to California to turn himself in, in November 2003. In case you haven’t noticed, Montgomery is suing Jackson for almost three times as much as she claims he owes her. That XtraJet flight, it turns out, was bugged with both video and audio devices. Both Geragos and Jackson are currently suing XtraJet because of it. If you remember, there was talk of a federal investigation around who planted the video equipment on the plane, who knew the equipment was there, and who knew the plane was going to be bugged. After the flight, the company shopped the tapes around to various news organizations attempting to get the highest price; an admission made in court. According to Montgomery, she was suspected as having something to do with the bugging equipment being on the plane. It is not a stretch to think the person who procured the plane may have had something to do with video and audio bugs being planted. If we are to believe her story, and if Jackson’s team does suspect she was involved in any way, it is not a wonder why Jackson has not “reimbursed” her. It is unclear if Montgomery has been cleared in any investigations. However, it is also unclear if Montgomery is being truthful in her claims of having to put up any money for Jackson whatsoever. Another puzzling issue is pertaining to what has been reported about this alleged reimbursement plan. The Celebrity Justice report states:

“Montgomery claims she shelled out nearly $18,000 of her own money to procure the jet for Jackson and his entourage ‘because XtraJet required cash up front from MJJ Productions and Michael Jackson due to payment problems’ ” (see Jackson Sued by former employee).

Allegedly this was the practice for three years. However, why would XtraJet need cash upfront BECAUSE OF “payment problems” when Montgomery just said she had been paying the bill upfront, out of her own pocket? In other words, how could there have been “payment problems” if she was allegedly fronting the money to pay the bill before Jackson even stepped foot on the plane? Why is she suing for almost three times the amount of money she claimed to front for the plane? These are questions the producers of Celebrity Justice probably have failed to even ask. Further, if her story is true, it would be interesting to see whether the amounts paid by her, and the amounts charged to Mr. Jackson, match up. Instead of focusing on new information from Richard Matsuura, or talking about new photos of the alleged accuser—enrolled in military school, looking very healthy and hopping fences—which prove he is not “gravely ill”, or new information about the family’s past depositions in which they lie under oath, look for CJ’s “queen bee” Harvey Levine and others to spread the latest round of non-case related “news.” -MJEOL

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