Audio Download: Bombshells from Accuser’s Father

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[b]AUDIO DOWNLOAD[/b] [i]Show: Crier Live Date: Feb 20 2004 size: 1.66MB [/i] :nav [url=]CrierLive: Accuser’s Father drops bombshell info Feb 20 2004[/url] Diane Dimond was sitting in for Crier [i]Guests: Russ Halpern (Atty) and Accuser’s father “David”[/i] -Atty says they just got out of a court hearing to try to resolve this custody issue, but the accuser’s mother chose not to appear in court. [b]-Atty says father will probably be called to testify as a witness by Geragos (Mike’s lawyers)[/b] -Father says he wants to find out how his son is doing. -Atty says the DA’s office is interfering with the family law custody case. -Says mother was in mental facility in 1998 and [b]he’s hearing from his sources about the mother being RECENTLY institutionalized as well[/b] . Atty says his sources are people close to the mother -Atty’s daughter witnessed mother exhibiting bipolar behavior at one time [b]-Father shut Dimon down cold. When asked to respond to Dimond’s claims saying pedophiles often seek out children with families in turmoil, the father says that’s NOT the case with his family. He says they’ve known Jackson for a long time before their separation and divorce. -Atty says his sources say the ex-wife permitted the London Sun to take pictures of her son. Says the mother may have received as much as $200,000 for those pictures. Says that’s one of the qusetions he will be asking her in a deposition.[/b] More on this in an MJEOL Bullet. :ohmy -MJEOL

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