Accuser’s Mother Fails to Show in Court-Bullet #93

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Accuser’s Mother Fails to Show in Court – MJEOL Bullet #93 According to the AP, a scheduled court hearing in the custody case over the accuser and his siblings was held today (Feb 24) in Los Angeles. The accuser’s mother failed to show up in court where the father is seeking visitation rights. The accuser’s mother’s attorney, Michael Manning, says the reason why the mother wasn’t in court today was because the accuser’s father did not notify her in time. If this excuse sounds a bit off to you, you’re not alone. If the mother didn’t know of the court appearance, how did her attorney know to show up in court today? If she wasn’t made aware of it “in time”, what other serious event could have prevented her for showing up in court to discuss the custody of her children? Further, if her attorney knew to show up in court on this very important matter at the specified time, why didn’t he notify his client? These questions are yet to be answered. The accuser’s mother also failed to appear at an earlier meeting because of “medical problems” where each side was to discuss this custody issue. The failure to show up at a second custody related appointment comes on the hills of new revelations from sources close to the mother that she has “recently” sought psychiatric treatment. The father and his attorney have already confirmed that the accuser’s mother was previously institutionalized in 1998 possibly for depression and bipolar disorder. In an appearance on Crier Live (Feb 20), the following exchange occurred concerning the mental health of the mother:

[b]DIMOND:[/b] ….David there’s been much said by the Jackson camp about your ex-wife. And there’s been a lot said by the man sitting there next to you. Can you set the record straight about her mental stability, about how she has acted in the past. Is she an unstable woman? [b]DAVID:[/b] She’s very emotional. She’s very uh…she’s either one way or the other. She’s very excited and happy about something, or very sad. I don’t really know how to describe it. But she does handle things with all…very emotional. [b]DIMOND:[/b] Has she been institutionalized in the past as Russell [father’s Attorney] has said? [b]DAVID:[/b] She self…admitted herself, yes. [b]DIMOND:[/b] And when was that? What year was that? [b]DAVID:[/b] Sometime in 1998. And some time recently, I guess. They…that’s what the media has been saying. [b]DIMOND:[/b] Well, no media I know has been able to validate that. Russell do you have some information? [b]HALPERN:[/b] Well we know in 1998 that she was admitted to a lockdown facility. And also we’ve…we heard from people that are around her that she may have also recently admitted herself. Now we’re not sure of that at this time. However, I have observed her conduct…more properly put, my daughter who is an attorney had witnessed her conduct out in a hallway during some of our court proceedings. And she exhibited conduct that was consistent with a person who suffers from a bipolar disorder. And so uh, I’ve heard from other people that she also has that type of uh…characteristics that a person like that… (see Accuser’s Father & Atty on Crier Live – Partial TRANS.).

This will be a part of this case because it speaks to a lager issue as to the motives of the people involved. If this mother already has problems—and some of Jackson’s friends and employees have said that there was “something wrong with this family”—then it is not a stretch to assume that this is not relevant to whether or not Jackson is innocent. Sources have said movie director Brett Ratner has had a few choice words about thie accuser’s mother. According to Roger Friedman, a regular MJ basher, Ratner says “I always had a weird feeling that the mother would set Michael up…I always liked the father. But the mother was an opportunist.” (see ‘Rush Hour’ Actor, Director: Inside Info on Jack[son]). Whoever tells you that this information has no bearing on the case is either trying to downplay its seriousness or trying to convict Jackson in the court of public opinion. -MJEOL

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