Walmart Trip: Much Ado about Nothing–Bullet #97 Update

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Walmart Trip: Much Ado about Nothing – MJEOL Bullet #97 Update The entertainment news media has worked themselves into a frenzy, largely thanks to Celebrity Justice, over the Mr-Jackson-goes-to-Walmart story. The “story” is that Jackson and his driver went into a local Glendale Springs, Colorado Walmart. Like he’s done before at other stores, Jackson went into the place still wearing his ski mask, not knowing that there was an incident at that store 2 years ago in which an employee was killed by a guy wearing a ski mask. The police were called by a store employee. Jackson didn’t know police were called and left before they could get there. They were stopped by an officer two blocks from the store because someone saw them leave and noted the vehicle they were riding in. Anyway, the officer stopped them, didn’t question them too much, Jackson took off his mask to show who he was, and the officer let them go about their business. According to Lt. Bill Kimminau, the entire stop lasted about 5 minutes, Jackson and the driver were very cooperative, and the event happened days ago on Feb 24. This wouldn’t even be news if not for a segment of the entertainment media pushing the story as if it rises to the seriousness of a crime. One would have thought he had actually tried to rob the store by listening to the tone of seriousness from Celebrity Justice’s Jane Valez-Mitchell, who appeared on the Abrams Report today (Feb 27). She actually attempted to convince people that Jackson has some deep psychological need for attention as a way to explain why he was at Walmart. I guess it couldn’t have possibly been something benign like him wanting to see how regular folk shop. Oh no! If it’s coming through the beloved “CJ”–in my opinion, the home of crackpot journalism where Jackson is concerned–it has to have a sinister spin placed onto it no matter what it is. MSNBC soon followed by contacting Lt. Kimminau and getting a live interview about the non-story. In what can only be described as bizarre, the interviewer, Sam Shane, asked the Lt. a litany of incredibly important questions like what was Jackson doing at Walmart and what did he buy. I know I was riveted…anxiously awaiting to know if Jackson bought Crest or Aquafresh toothpaste, Q-tips or Cotton balls, regular Lays or Ruffles! Jeez…*rolling eyes* Kimminau was called to media-service once again when he appeared, also via telephone, on the Abrams Report (Feb 27). Kimminau sounded so bored and/or tired of telling this story that I was almost waiting for him to stop the conversation and say ‘Hey man, why are people foaming at the mouth trying to contact me for a comment about this story? What’s the big damn deal?’. Kimminau was more diplomatic that, unfortunately. You can watch the Abrams conversation for yourself if you think I’m exaggerating about Kimminau’s tone. Kimminau has fielded as many as 6,000 calls from the media looking for dirt, much to his frustration:

The frustrated Kimminau said he had received “about 6,000” calls Friday from media outlets across the country, all seeking information on the Jackson incident. “It wasn’t anything. He was here shopping and he had a mask,” Kimminau said. “And I’m sure if they knew who he was, he probably would have been inundated with autographs. “This has made it pretty miserable here this morning.” (see Masked Michael makes day a thriller for Wal-Mart shoppers).

Jackson’s spokeswoman Raymone Bain called the incident a “trifle.” Yeah, that’s the perfect word for it. Bain continues:

“The police car pulled to the side and just asked that he show his face, and he did, and that was it. There was no altercation or any kind of encounter.” (see AP: Jackson Pulled Over).

This isn’t the first time Celebrity Justice, along with their cohorts such as entertainment shows “Extra” and “Entertainment Tonight”, have feigned the importance of a Jackson “story”. Earlier, Jackson was seen shopping with what was termed by Extra as an “unidentified young boy”. That so-called “unidentified young boy” turned out to be a nephew of Jackson’s. Oooo…sinister….not. Bain also had to set Extra straight about their nonsense. She said that Jackson would be outraged if anyone purposely twisted a simple shopping trip with his nephew. Jackson can’t seem to live his life without some members of media second-guessing and criticizing his every move. If he stays in “seclusion”, there are calls in the media claiming he’s being controlled by the Nation of Islam. If he asks people to do the shopping for him, he’s criticized for being out of touch with real life. If he goes out shopping for himself, the media questions what he bought, why he bought it, and why he bought it from that store. If he goes out as Michael Jackson, with no disguise, he’s criticized for creating a stir and seeking attention. If he goes out in disguise, he’s criticized for the type of disguise he chooses to use. I think Jackson should shift himself into ‘to-hell-with-you’ gear. He may very well be in that mode already. So what was the big deal? Who knows. My advice to the media: Give us all a damn break from the nonsense. It ain’t that serious. Jeez… -MJEOL

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