Even More Damaging Docs of Accusing Family’s Past-Bullet #99

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Even More Damaging Docs of Accusing Family’s Past – MJEOL Bullet #99

In a stunning development yesterday (March 4), the attorney who represented JCPenney in a court case involving the family now accusing Jackson, released over 100 pages of documents from that case, and blasted the mother’s motives both in their case and in the Jackson case (see transcript from replay of report).

The attorney, Tom Griffin, was interviewed by NBC’s Mike Taibbi, the same reporter who broke the story about Richard Matsuura totally blasting the defamatory Vanity Fair article about Jackson in which Matsuura is cited as one of the children allegedly “given wine by Jackson” (see Matsuura Angry at Defamatory Vanity Fair Article-Bullet #89).

Tom Griffin calls what the mother did to JCPenney a “shakedown”. What was a small altercation with security – after some of the family members were actuall’y caught outside of the store with “an arm full of shoplifted clothes”–turned into a $3 million lawsuit.

The family claimed they were beaten severely in broad daylight by security to the extent where they all had broken bones. As of now, it is unknown if any medical records exist of the family’s alleged beating by store security.

Griffin says there was absolutely nothing to backup their claims. From the number of documents obtained by NBC, it would seem there was a substantial amount of information gathered by JCPenney’s defense team in that case. During his investigation, Griffin says:

It became readily apparent that this was an incident in my opinion, a scam, to extract money from JCPenney.

What may have sparked Griffin’s suspicions is the fact that the family, two years after filing the initial lawsuit, suddenly claimed the mother was sexually fondled in her breast and pelvic area for approximately 7 minutes by the guard or guards during the altercation.

Remember this supposedly happened, according to them, in broad daylight after the family was stopped for shoplifting. She didn’t report this to the police or claim it happened at that time. Maybe she justÂ…forgot?? If this seems far-fetched, then you are not alone.

During depositions and investigations, the psychiatrist for JCPenney said that the mother “rehearsed” her two sons-one is the accuser-to lie and back-up the story she was telling. Sound familiar? The psychiatrist also says that the children were coached in what “sounded like scripted copies of (her) testimony” (see Is the Michael Jackson molestation case a shakedown?).

According to the documents, the psychiatrist also found the mother to be “schizophrenic” and “delusional.” Even her own psychiatrist found her to be “anxious and depressed.” If you remember, this information fits with what Russ Halpern (father’s attorney) said in Nov 2003:

Halpern said the father once showed him a script his wife had allegedly written for their children to use when they were questioned in a civil deposition. She wrote all of their testimony. I actually saw the script, Halpern said. I remember my client showing me, bringing the paperwork to me.” (see Accuser’s Mother Writes Script of Lies).

Now there are two parties, independent from each other, confirming that the mother has previously coached her children/scripted their testimony. So why, then, does it seem to physically hurt some media people to actually make room in their mind for the possibility that Jackson is innocent?

Maybe they’re suffering from the same kind of attitude the current district attorney of Santa Barbara is suffering from: It’s called the “Jackson-is-guilty-and-ignore-everything-to-the-contrary” syndrome. The JCPenney attorney continues:

She just came up with this fairy tale, not a fairy tale, its a horror story, and just ran with it.

Make no mistake about it, this information is devastating to the prosecution’s case whether they admit it or not. JCPenney ultimately settled the case two days before the trial for $137,500.00, a far cry from the $3 million the family was initially seeking. This new information isn’t coming from the defense but rather an independent 3rd party who has had a run-in with this family in the past. And to have yet another party having a copy of this scripted testimony cannot be explained away.

What is also interesting is before the family saw a penny from the JCPenney lawsuit, the mother filed for divorce. The father too, may have been a part of the lawsuit against the store and an adversary of Griffin’s at the time. So there isn’t any apparent reason for them to conspire with each others story concerning the mother coaching her kids.

Has this stopped media attack dogs like Gloria Allred from rabidly trying to explain away the story? Of course not. What those like Allred do is attack the attorney bringing forth the information. She actually said on the Abrams Report (March 4):

The idea that an attorney for JCPenneys would come out and take a cheap and seemingly unwarranted attack on a mother of a child who is alleged to be the victim of child molestation, I think its absolutely outrageous

Oh how dare Griffin throw his documented proof in our faces! How dare he make the public aware of previous actions regarding this family’s affinity for bending the truth! This isn’t about the attorney for JCPenney or his documents and opinions based on those documents. Allred can’t adequately defend the mother’s actions, so she attacks the attorney who brought the info to the public’s attention. When asked his opinion about the family’s claims against Jackson, Griffin says:

Theyre going for a homerun this time. This is a shakedown. Shakedown, part two.

There is probably much more information within the pages of these documents, which makes this attorney so set in his opinions on this family. When asked on the Today show (March 5) if Jackson’s team had anything to do with this story or these documents, Jackson’s publicist Raymone Bain says “We werent behind that.”

And if one thinks about it, how in the world could the defense or anyone other than the attorney have anything to do with this story? They aren’t the authors of these documents nor are they the ones doing the interview with NBC’s Mike Taibbi. Stay tuned. :camera [url=http://site.mjeol.com/modules/mydownloads/visit.php?cid=13&lid=78]Video[/url] -MJEOL

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