‘Explosive’ News a Dud? ET’s at it Again – MJEOL Bullet #101

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‘Explosive’ News a Dud? ET’s at it Again – MJEOL Bullet #101 In what they categorize as “explosive” news, ‘Exaggeration’ Tonight (Entertainment Tonight) claims to have documents detailing how Jackson drank alcohol on planes in soda cans. I guess getting drunk in the privacy of Neverland was too boring for him. Jeez. The document, dated Sep 1 2003 according to ET, is allegedly regarding Jackson’s drinking and eating habits. A wealth of information overflowing about the accusing family, and this is what some news agencies have decided to pick up on? If you are just more than a little bit suspicious about this “document” surfacing now—and via ET no less—you are not alone. According to sources, the source of this document, the timing of its release to ET, and the date on it will all be major points used to distinguish whether this is a real document or a fabrication based on half-truths/lies. If this document originates from employees or people with ties to XtraJet—the very company now being sued out of existence by both the Geragos firm and Michael Jackson—it could factor into the situation. Could this be an attempt by them to threaten Jackson into dropping the lawsuit? A sort of ‘we can cause problems for you in this other case if you don’t back off’ type of deal? It’s possible, but it doesn’t look like that plan is working. The document is dated Sep 1 2003. It will be interesting to find out if Jackson even retained flight services on or around that day. ET also suggests that these unfounded rumors coincide with the details of Maureen Orth’s (Wack0 Ortho in some circles) defamatory Vanity Fair article. If you remember, Orth was called out for the irresponsible so-called ‘journalist’ she is by Richard Matsuura. Matsuura was one of the young men she claimed was given wine by Jackson when he was 12. Matsuura blasted Orth and set the record straight more than once. He says Orth never contacted him before writing the story and his father also confirmed his son’s version of events (see Matsuura Angry at Defamatory Vanity Fair Article-Bullet #89). The timing of this document’s release is also curious. The “Jesus juice” story has been in the news for weeks. Yet, this alleged “document” is released just days after devastating documented information about the past of the accusing family is released. The attorney representing JCPenney at the time the family filed a $3 Million lawsuit was interviewed by NBC’s Mike Taibbi. The attorney calls what this family did to JCPenney a “shakedown”. He also thinks this Jackson case is “shakedown part two” and that the family is going for a “homerun” this time (see Even More Damaging Docs of Accusing Family’s Past). In the 100+ pages of research and depositions with the family, the mother is described by psychologists as “depressed”, “delusional”, and “sad over being a nobody”. It also details how the mother added a claim of sexual abuse some 2 years after filing the initial lawsuit, and got her children to backup her story. This greatly coincides with the allegation from the accuser’s father that the mother wrote out a script for her children to follow during that JCPenney case (see Accuser’s Mother Writes Script of Lies ). Also within these documents may be what Russ Halpern, the attorney for the father, referred to in a previous interview. Halpern and the father appeared on Larry King Live (Feb 13) to discuss the issue. Halpern says there are depositions given to the JCPenney attorney in which the mother admits that the father never abused her or the children:

“a deposition that his wife [accuser’s mother] had given during a JCPenny’s lawsuit and in that deposition she was asked what his propensity for violence was and she said…she was specifically asked, ‘did he ever hit you?’ And she said no and then she elaborated by saying he was a wonderful husband, he had never touched her, he didn’t have it in him to touch a woman and he had never touched the children, never as far as even spanking the kids.”

If you remember, the mother later changed her story and claimed the father was abusive to her and her children in order to get a restraining order against him. She also got her children to change their stories as well. Previously, the children told Child Services investigators in 2001 that the father never abused them or their mother. Later during another visit by Child Services, under the supervision of the mother, they made all sorts of allegations about the father abusing them; kicking them, striking them, etc. Even this current JCPenney report came on the heels of more information and reports questioning the mother’s mental stability, an interview with the videographer who taped the family expressing nothing but adoration for Jackson before they were thrown from the Jackson gravy train, and reports about whether or not the mother sold pictures of the accuser to a London tabloid. According to Russ Halpern, the attorney for the father, reporters and sources have told him that that mother may have gotten as much as $200,000.00 for either selling or arranging for pictures to be taken of the accuser and published in the tabloid. The current allegation is now that Jackson gave the accuser wine in a Coke can on a flight full of other people in Feb 2003. Remember, this is a child with one kidney and who was probably on medication at the time. I guess no one noticed a drunken child getting off the plane! Let’s get real. Why put alcohol in a soda can? Why not a plastic cup? Styrofoam cup? Coffee mug?? A bottle covered with a brown paper bag? Please. Further, if Jackson was using this to “seduce” children, why the hell would he make it a record of his in-flight needs?? Is Jackson too lazy to pour up his own alcohol in which to get children drunk? It makes absolutely no sense. This claim sounds ridiculous on its face, much like a number of “details” allegedly condemning Jackson only later to be proven false. Many now think the current DA of Santa Barbara should seriously reconsider bringing this case initiated by a family with an extensive history of inconsistent statements. Sneddon, however, isn’t exactly known for his sound judgment in certain circles. Just ask Gary Dunlap. Stay tuned. -MJEOL

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