Attention Seeking Ex-wife Injects Herself into Jackson Case–Bullet #105

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Attention Seeking Ex-wife Injects Herself into Jackson Case – MJEOL Bullet #105 Lisa Marie Presley (yeah her…again) can’t seem to keep Michael Jackson’s name out of her mouth. In yet another interview where she discusses their decade old relationship, she made veiled insinuations about “stuff” that went on while she was married to Jackson. She did not elaborate, but rather manipulatively said enough to allow media pundits to waste time wildly speculating about what she allegedly knows which is what she always does in her interviews. Now, instead of people talking about Jackson’s former security guard—a former LA police officer—who says that he will testify that Jackson is innocent and that he was with Jackson 24/7 during the time this family was with Jackson (see Guard: Jackson’s Innocent), we’ll have suffer with these inane discussions about Presley’s comments. Instead of people discussing the truly explosive information about the Santa Barbara Sheriff’s department investigating these very allegations and finding that there was “no criminal activity” on Jackson’s part (see Second Time Around: Did Santa Barbara Officials Give Jackson Case an Early Dismissal?), we have to watch these idiotic reports of Presley’s boogie-man theory rammed down our throats. Instead of hearing about how insanely weird it is for the current DA of Santa Barbara to have a grand jury after already filing charges against Jackson (see Grand jury seen as unusual at this stage in Jackson case ), we are made to flip through the channels in search of something other than the Presley whining. This desperate ploy for attention by injecting herself into this latest media melee is backfiring on the former Mrs. Keough-Jackson-Cage. It’s quite clear to a number of sources and legal analysts that district attorney Tom Sneddon is on a fishing expedition in the Jackson case. Hey, he even sent investigators to a memorabilia collection to pick up some 20 year old underwear that more than likely doesn’t even belong to Michael Jackson. So has Presley’s whining about “stuff” finally gotten her proverbial a$s into a situation she can’t control? If Sneddon decides to harass Presley, she now has only her anger, rebellion and immaturity to blame. On the Abrams report tonight (March 15), the host asks whether or not LMP could be called to testify in this latest case. Could Presley be notified that she’s a potential witness in this case and fall under the judge’s gag order? I do think she meant to use Jackson for her own purposes, but I highly doubt she meant to use him in such a way as to get herself called to testify as a witness in this case. But it’s quite obvious to a number of people that her current wave of interviews—her first being right around the time her failed debut album was released—wreaks of publicity-seeking. Although it is most definitely not the kind of attention she wanted. Mike Taibbi, who reported on this story today, appeared on the show to discuss the other interviews she’s done. He read comments from other interviews on the air. For example, she told Rolling Stone:

“The only thing I can say is that I didn’t see anything that would ever allude to that ever. Otherwise I would have been the first one out there going, ‘You motherf-cker.’ I’ve got children. But I never saw anything like that. I meant what I said when I said it, because I didn’t see anything weird or bizarre like that ever. And I did notice that he had an amazing connection to kids, whether it be a small baby or a two-year-old girl or a four-year-old — children really responded to him.”

She also had this to say in a Playboy interview July 2003:

If I’d had any reason to suspect [that he was a child molester] I would have had nothing to do with the guy.

This is serious business and by playing this game of purposely being ambivalent about her comments, she may wake up to a phone call from the prosecution in the Jackson case, soon to be followed by a subpoena if she does not cooperate with the district attorney. At some point, she has to put-up or shut-up. If she “puts-up”, she will have to contend with her own lack of credibility from changing her story—after saying repeatedly in a number of interviews that she neither saw Jackson do anything, nor suspected he was a pedophile. She will also be faced with cross-examination of her words and actions by Jackson’s attorneys. Not to mention a furious public calling for her head because she—in their wayward opinion—didn’t do anything about that imagined “behavior”. If she “shuts-up”, she will still have to contend with a public that already thinks she’s been living off of both Jackson’s and her father’s name. A possible way out of this runaway train would be if she addressed this issue or released a statement clarifying her comments. If she does not, then Jackson could release a statement of his own discussing how he feels about her insinuations, which may border on defamation. Jackson, being very adept with documenting situations in his life on both video and audio, there’s no telling what he has her on tape saying. There could be some things that he breaks his silence about concerning her behavior during their marriage as well. Remember, relationships are a two-way street and I doubt Jackson would allow himself to be raked over the coals unnecessarily by her actions. Jackson fans, of course, are not taking these comments laying down. One fan writes:

“I knew that whiny, ungrateful snipe with a persecution complex would pull this type of bull$hit eventually–it was just a question of when, not if..”

Another fan comments:

“she only speaks about MJ for the media coverage, she said it herself she doesn’t care. i don’t care about her either”

Yet another is less than diplomatic with her thoughts:

“She just needs to shut the f_ck up already! Hello, Can’t she see the only reason people care about her so much is because she was married to him. Everybody is just dying for her to say something incriminating, she’s so stupid & childish. Get over it. That marriage is 10 years old & she’s still bi_ching.”

And this fan sums up much of the sentiment on the Jackson message boards:

Well for someone who says she has no feelings for him anymore….she sure likes talking about him a lot :rollingeyes

Did Presley realize her comments were going to cause such a stir to the point were legal panels are discussing whether or not she could be called as a witness in this case? Who knows. But her attempt at setting little fires in the media to gain attention could turn into a 3 alarm blaze, which could end up burning her own house down… Figuratively speaking, of course. (Comments taken from the MJEOL forum) -MJEOL

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