Media Frenzy Appears Stupid after Presley Statement-Bullet #107

Media Frenzy Appears Stupid after Presley Statement-MJEOL Bullet #107 Lisa Presley released a statement yesterday (March 17) to put to rest the firestorm of media speculation and reports. Presley says she never saw anything inappropriate happen between Michael Jackson and any child. She says her comments were taken out of context and purposely twisted to insinuate Jackson was guilty of something. In a statement to clarify what she meant during an Australian interview, Presley says:

I was in no way referring to seeing something inappropriate with children, as I have stated publicly before. I never have. Unfortunately, due to the recent media frenzy surrounding Michael Jackson, my comments during a recent TV interview in Austrialia regarding him were completely taken out of context and erroneously read into. In saying I ‘saw things’, I was specifically referring to things in that relationship with us that went on between us at the time as husband and wife…

Well she finally clarified her meaning but the larger question is just why did the media go on a two-day binge; a frenzy talking about her possibly being made to testify in front of a grand jury? (continue…)