Jackson’s Atty Ben Brafman Responds to Gloria Allred

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Date: Thursday, March 18, 2004 [b]MICHAEL JACKSONÂ’S ATTORNEY, BENJAMIN BRAFMAN RESPONDS TO ATTORNEY GLORIA ALLRED[/b] Source: Raymone K. Bain or Adean Wells King STATEMENT OF BENJAMIN BRAFMAN, ESQUIRE: “The gag order imposed by Judge Melville prohibits me from speaking substantively about any issue relating to the criminal case involving Mr. Jackson. “In response, however, to Gloria Allred’s press conference, I note that she has absolutely nothing to do with this case, and it would serve the public well if she would stop injecting herself into matters which are none of her business; and, stop using Michael Jackson’s fame as a vehicle through which to engage in acts of self promotion. “Her position is irresponsible, and in my judgment, despicable.” :nav Source: [url=http://www.mjjsource.com/index.php/news/michael_jacksons_attorney_benjamin_brafman_responds_to_attorney_gloria_allr/]mjjsource.com[/url]

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