Allred Guilty of Harassing Jackson & Children?-Bullet #108

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Allred Guilty of Harassing Jackson & Children?-MJEOL Bullet #108 Publicity-seeking Gloria Allred is continuing to essentially harass Michael Jackson and his children by trying to get the state of California to rip them from his loving home and throw them into the system. Allred claims she received a response from LA County DCFS officials stating that they refused her request to yank Jackson’s children from his custody. Because their decision was not what she wants to hear, she says she is going to attempt to force a juvenile court judge to do so anyway. For the record, Allred knows absolutely nothing about Jackson’s lifestyle, how he raises his children, his mindset, or anything else relating to his children. She has neither first- hand knowledge of anything untoward happening between Jackson and them, nor has Jackson ever been convicted of anything remotely related to the endangerment of any child. These completely unfounded allegations—that Jackson’s children are in physical or sexual danger—are partly based on allegations raised by a family with a history of lying during depositions, lying to child services, and lying to lawyers and other authorities, according to a slew of damaging documents released to the press. A mother, with a history of mental issues; confusion/lies as to how the family was brought to the offices of Larry Feldman; a possible shakedown of the department store JCPenney which initiated when the children were made to shoplift by the parent(s); the mother writing out a script for her children to recite during that case; either lying during that JCPenney deposition or later to child services in relation to abuse by the father; possibly lying about their father to Child Services at the behest of the mother in 2001. Oh, none of this so much as raises a mention from Allred, nor does it seem to raise a question in her mind as to whether she should be pursuing the removal of the accuser and his sibling from the custody of the mother. Really, who should Allred be going after? Here’s a hint: It ain’t Michael Jackson. I guess the accusing family isn’t rich or famous enough for her to give a crap about. Talk about special treatment! (continue…) There are many people who honestly do not believe Allred cares at all about Jackson’s children. In fact, some say she simply hates Jackson and would do anything to make his life as miserable as she possibly can. The absolute hatred with which she refers to Jackson seems to permeate every attempt to inject herself into the middle of anything Jackson-related. And remember, this is not the only high-profile case into which she has inserted herself. But one should be careful about what wrongs they try to visit upon another. One of Jackson’s lawyers, Ben Brafman released a statement in response to the inane press conference Allred called the other day announcing her intentions:

“The gag order imposed by Judge Melville prohibits me from speaking substantively about any issue relating to the criminal case involving Mr. Jackson. “In response, however, to Gloria Allred’s press conference, I note that she has absolutely nothing to do with this case, and it would serve the public well if she would stop injecting herself into matters which are none of her business; and, stop using Michael Jackson’s fame as a vehicle through which to engage in acts of self promotion. “Her position is irresponsible, and in my judgment, despicable.”

Legally, does her behavior border on abuse of the system or harassment? Can Jackson file some sort of injunction stopping this harassment? Who knows. What is known is that this current case has absolutely, positively nothing to do with Allred at all. She does not represent anyone on Jackson’s side; not his children, nor the women who have given birth to Jackson’s children. The utter disregard of the LA DCFS’s decision by Allred is much like the way in which prosecutors ignored their previous finding that the molestation allegations against Jackson are “unfounded”. It seems that only decisions that confirm what these people already believe are the only ones worth something. Remember, child services is neither on the defense’s side nor the prosecution’s side. If child services don’t come to the conclusion these holier-than-thou, I-know-better-than-you, fear mongers want, the decision is immediately ignored. These types of people are now basically calling the DCFS a bunch of incompetents, yet they were the ones ranting to get them involved in the first place; only later to insult them when the decision doesn’t go their way. At this point, I feel insulted for the DCFS workers who previously investigated these claims. They are being dragged through the mud in order to further some else’s agenda. There were previously leaked reports that social services has already investigated Jackson and interviewed his children in which they found no reason whatsoever to rip them from his arms and throwing them into a system where they are all but assured to be taken advantage of. So if Jackson has already been investigated and cleared by the proper authorities, what more can Allred ask for? The answer should be ‘nothing’, but she’s not satisfied with that. To attempt to continuously abuse the system by essentially saying ‘I want an investigation!’, getting that investigation which proves there is nothing wrong, then saying ‘I’m going over your heads because I know I’m right!’, is tantamount to harassment in my opinion. Pure and simple. This behavior is also helping to cement the laughing-stock Allred is becoming in the media. At this point, DCFS may know more about Jackson’s family life than Allred ever has and ever will. Yet she has the unmitigated gall to continue to search for someone—not to do the right thing by the children, but to proceed based on her uneducated, unfounded and unproven viewpoint—to rip these children from Jackson. I can only hope that Jackson’s children aren’t NOW having disgusting nightmares about “the bad lady” who wants to snatch them from the only loving home they’ve ever known, and a caring father that would endure so much misery in order to make their lives as wonderful as possible. If that is the case, the only person traumatizing Jackson’s children is Allred and those like her who arrogantly feel as if they know more than the parties actually involved in this case. -MJEOL

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