Idiotic Ignorance from Lawmakers & Media?-Commentary

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Idiotic Ignorance from Lawmakers & Media?- MJEOL Bullet #116 Michael Jackson is in Washington DC continuing to help people around the world and to be honored by the African Ambassador’s Spouses Association for his humanitarian efforts. Jackson has contributed over $50 million dollars to various charities worldwide thus far and has a history of supporting the Congressional Black Caucus in particular. So what is the deal with some anonymous members allegedly claiming that Jackson hasn’t supported the CBC before now and is only trying to draw attention from his legal case? I find it odd that these anonymous members either don’t have the guts to admit how they feel publicly or are too hung up on their personal dislike of Jackson to care to find out his history of providing support for both black and international causes. It’s simply a shame that Jackson’s motives are being questioned by some of the very people who will probably have their hands out looking for financial support in the future once Jackson prevails in this current case. While people may wrongly think that Jackson is “running to” the CBC when he’s in “trouble,” Jackson is continuing to help people all over the world. While these no-named cowards prefer to play the role of the holier-than-thou conscience of the black community, Jackson has actually gotten off of his ass and helped changed the world for the better. While the media continues to try to put the focus on this as of yet unconfirmed split between members who support and who don’t support Jackson’s visit, he is continuing to put the focus on the real issue which is AIDS in Africa and a number of other projects. What bothers me most is that some of these tired-ass Negroes—and yes I said Negroes because I am black and I need to call a spade a spade right now—who are blasting Jackson, have never done anything simply out of the goodness of their hearts for the black community. Some want recognition, some want awards, and others want the perfect photo op; all the things that they accuse Jackson of. This is not an indictment against the entire CBC by any means whatsoever, because there are members with common sense. I just think some of the views may come from people who only care about helping the “black community” when it’s time to be re-elected to Congress; the kind of black folk who couldn’t give a damn about the black community, live in upscale neighborhoods and who see fit to blast Jackson because they are too damn lazy to try to understand the meaning of what “vitiligo” is. Some can’t get pas the shade of Jackson’s skin and has allowed that to determine their views instead of trying to get information about Jackson’s humanitarian actions. Well I’m tired of it. No longer should people be afraid to help the black community because of some tired-ass Negroes who can’t see past their own personal, unfounded suspicions; because they don’t understand that you don’t have to be as black as coal to hold a ghetto card; because you can have your own personal issues and STILL love your race; because you can do things out of the goodness of your own heart without cameras being in your face every time you do something. I think it’s absolutely disgusting that these anonymous members chose to hide behind anonymity and choose to put their personal feeling about Jackson above actually helping out with this cause. Shame. -Administrator

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