Retailers Boycotting Name-Clearing Book? Fans want answers

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The following Press Release was sent out to the media yesterday: by MJNEWSONLINE [b]Possible boycott of name-clearing book Michael Jackson fans demand answers[/b] RADFORD, Va. (April 8, 2004) – Unknown forces continue to hush the voice that could clear Michael Jackson of the 1993 child molestation allegations made against him. Redemption: The Truth Behind the Michael Jackson Child Molestation Allegations divulges facts about the case not previously made available to the public. Written by the sole legal secretary of the plaintiff’s attorney, Redemption reveals the fraudulent relationship and possible extortion scheme between complainant Dr. Evan Chandler and his attorney Barry Rothman. However, Geraldine Hughes’ accounts do not break attorney-client privilege. Under California Evidence Code 956, “there is no privilege under this article if the services of the lawyer were sought or obtained to enable or aid anyone to commit or plan to commit a crime or a fraud.” Since Redemption’s publication in January of this year, book sellers’ orders have been cancelled, bookstore chains proclaimed the book unavailable, and some online retailers made it difficult to find. Branch & Vine Publishers’ chief executive officer, James Armentrout, describes the situation as going from “confusion to frustration to determination.” “After gathering all the information, a clear picture has developed that there is a movement to suppress the book by an individual or individuals,” Armentrout said. “We are not the only ones to see this. Lots of fans have noticed and wrote about it on the Web. “We and others are looking into the matter to see what action needs to be taken. Not only are we determined to see that our product is treated fairly, but to get this information out so that it can aid in clearing Mr. Jackson’s name.” Despite being successfully sued for slander by Jackson in 1995, journalist Victor Gutierrez went on to write Michael Jackson Was My Lover, a supposed “secret diary” of Chandler’s then 13-year-old child. The book was, and still is, widely available in some independently-owned stores and online. So why does Redemption continue to run into so many walls? “It’s not that the book isn’t selling,” Armentrout said. “We are getting orders from all over the world. Also, we are getting orders from several bookstores in the U.S. for customers that request the book be ordered. The problem is that the large retailers are not stocking it. Some even report that the book is out of print.” Jackson fans now demand answers. On a Jackson fan Web site, [url=][/url], fans discuss the boycotting rumors. Anonymous responses include anywhere from “the bookstores don’t want to hear the truth” to “we need this book to be heard” to “let’s show the world they can’t do this.” Some fans even mention financially sponsoring a U.S. book tour. “I think it’s a disgrace and a conspiracy what’s happening with Geraldine’s book,” said Lesline McKenzie, a Jackson fan from Milan, Italy. Redemption can still be ordered directly from Branch & Vine. However, Armentrout aims to get the book stocked in stores in the near future. [u]ABOUT REDEMPTION[/u] Geraldine Hughes, the sole legal secretary of Barry Rothman, comes forth to set the record straight about what really happened behind the scenes in the 1993 child molestation case against Michael Jackson. Redemption: The Truth Behind the Michael Jackson Child Molestation Allegations reveals facts that have never been made public, court documented information, public statements and records that Hughes insists prove Jackson’s innocence. Redemption is a modern-day mystery that requires a blow-by-blow, chapter-by-chapter unfolding for all the facts to be known and to redeem an innocent man’s character from the cloud of guilt that has been hanging over his head since 1993. Justice can only be served once the truth is told. For more information about Redemption and to order the book, visit [url=][/url]. [u]ABOUT GERALDINE HUGHES[/u] Geraldine Hughes, a legal secretary for 23 years, worked for Barry Rothman in 1993. Although her goal is to become a full-time missionary, she has worked through a registry for the past three years as one of the top legal secretaries. [u]ABOUT BRANCH & VINE PUBLISHERS[/u] Branch & Vine Publishers, located in Virginia, was started in 1995 and reformed as a LLC in January 2003. Two published authors formed Branch & Vine, which started as a small bulletin to promote their books and quickly evolved into a publishing company with several imprints. The imprints include two science fiction (Otherworlds Sci-Fi & Anvil-Mace) and one print on demand-POD (Ajalon Press). Branch & Vine seeks new voices in literature because they recognize the difficulties in gaining the attention of large publishing companies. All genres are accepted, except books based on hate or that are overly violent, sexual or demonic. Visit or for more information. :nav Source: [url=]…-press-release/[/url]

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