4th Accuser A “hoax”- Video download

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[b]VIDEO DOWNLOAD[/b] :camera[url=http://site.mjeol.com/modules/mydownloads/singlefile.php?cid=12&lid=120]CrierLive: 4th Accuser a “hoax”[/url] Version: .wmv Submitted Date: 2004/4/12 Description: 4th accuser story a hoax Guest: Frm prosecutor Kimberly Guilfoyle-Newsome and Diane Dimond -Newsome says that she heard 25 minutes of the tape that the prosecution will get -she says, on the tape, the family are denying anything happened; they’re talking about MJ as a father figure and how their father was jealous of Mike’s relationship with them. -Dimond is still insinuating that there could be “something” on the tape. -Newsome made Dimond look stupid after Dimond asked if there was no abuse why did they make this tape. -Newsome says that the tape was made as a result of the Bashir uproar and child services investigation, NOT really for a molestation case from the family -Newsome says by judge allowing prosecution to see this tape, this kinda opens the “flood-gates” -Newsome says she didn’t hear any coaching or anything like that on the 25 minutes she got to hear. -Dimond says this 4th accuser story was a “hoax”. -Dimond says this person was very specific and detailed with their allegation, but it didn’t stand up. Says that 4th accuser talked about being given “jesus juice” and drugs, and being left at Neverland by his father, etc. -Police ruled that to be a hoax -Dimond says the 93 “victim” (her word) has not testified in front of the grand jury (which we all knew he wouldn’t) and may testify at the trial (yeah right) -Dimond claims the grand jury could also indict other people who held the family against their will (yeah right) size: 11.48 MB format: video

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