Two Jackson Haters Collaborate to Set Him Up?-Bullet #126

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Two Jackson Haters Collaborate to Set Him Up? – MJEOL Bullet #126 ”New Accuser” Deemed a Hoax The “new accuser” story some media outlets attempted to run with has been deemed a “hoax” weeks ago when it was investigated by the Santa Barbara sheriff’s department, according to prosecution sympathizers Diane Dimond and Jim Thomas. A lawyer, Greg Brenner, appeared on Fox News Live with Rita Cosby Sun. April 11 to break news of a “new accuser” whose claims were being investigated by the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD). What that lawyer either didn’t know or purposely didn’t tell the audience is that Santa Barbara officials already investigated that claim and deemed it to not be credible. What is even more sinister about these “new allegations” is that, according to Reuters news service, they were furthered by two women who have previously tried unsuccessfully–on at least two occasions–to have Jackson’s children ripped from him: therapist Carole Lieberman and Gloria Allred. The involvement of these two women has been outed by Reuters in a late report (Wed, April 14). In the article, Howard Breuer writes:

The sources said that Beverly Hills psychiatrist Carole Lieberman, who filed a child abuse complaint last year with Santa Barbara County Protective Services against the pop singer, counseled the new [accuser] and helped him remember the alleged assault. The sources also said that feminist attorney Gloria Allred, a prominent critic of Jackson’s lifestyle, was also involved in bringing the recent complaint to police. (see Article).

Both Lieberman and Allred have hysterically complained to child services to try to have Jackson’s children stripped from him. As a result of those claims, child services reportedly did investigate and found absolutely no reason why Jackson’s children should be removed from his care. Now, they have apparently teamed-up to bring about the false claims of an 18 year old looking for a pot of gold and/or fame from the Michael Jackson case. Were these two plotting women angry that they couldn’t find a “victim” so they teamed up to create one? What sort of legal problems could they be facing as a result of this? After the initial information from Brenner, the case was talked about by none other than tabloid reporter Diane Dimond the next day. She appeared on Crier Live Mon. April 12 to try to diffuse this story before it got around the media, either because she wanted to break news of this hoax or because she knew it will ultimately hurt the prosecution. From there, the LAPD released a statement Tuesday night (April 13) confirming they were investigating a claim against Jackson; one they supposedly are/were investigating at the behest of LA’s district attorney. Co-lead counsels for Michael Jackson, Mark Geragos and Ben Brafman, apparently knew nothing about this month long investigation by the LAPD. When they got information about this claim, both commented before releasing a joint statement. Mark Geragos said:

It appears to be nothing more than part of an ongoing campaign to smear Michael Jackson with unfounded, scurrilous and ridiculous accusations, and we fully intend to find out who’s behind it and take the appropriate actions. (see Article

Ben Brafman told CNN:

“It is simply not possible, nor productive, to even try and respond to the dozens of baseless rumors and outrageous allegations that surface on almost a daily basis,” Brafman said. “In virtually all of these cases, once the facts have been objectively investigated, they have been found to be entirely without merit. “My expectation is that this story, like so many others, will eventually prove to be false and in all likelihood [was] promoted by people who have their own selfish agendas or are otherwise seeking to compromise the right of Mr. Jackson to a fair hearing on the charges presently pending,” Brafman added. (see Article).

The story went all over the world in 20 minutes, in print stories via the internet, before people finally started to ask questions about its validity. Once the questions began to be raised, the story fizzled out on the major networks. One would think a story like this would have the media salivating. Evidently some did research before running off the road with this hoax. Wednesday morning (April 14), for example, sources reported that there was not even a mention of this story on the Today Show and the only mention on Good Morning America was via their news scroll. Again yesterday (Wed, April 14), Dimond appeared on Crier Live to debunk the story, this time giving much more specific detail then she did before, although she stopped short of naming Lieberman and Allred on the show. This is what Dimond told Crier on the show:

Well as we reported on Monday, Santa Barbara authorities had long talks with this kid, put him under a forensic interrogation and they just simply don’t believe his story. He’s all over the map with times and dates, and things that happened or didn’t happen. (see Video)

She continues by stating what her “sources” are telling her:

But I have made several calls to people I know within that circle of LAPD and child protection services, and they say ‘you know we just don’t buy it’.

To further point on the stupidity just in the claim itself, Crier asks about the age:

CRIER: I understand the new accuser is 18? DIMOND: Yes CRIER: But these events were suppose to be in the late 80s? DIMOND: Right. CRIER: So what was he, in diapers for heaven sakes? What’s going on? DIMOND: Well see you put your finger right on it Catherine. The authorities that I spoke to who have spoken to this child [sic] say this is the big problem. First, he said he was abused between the ages of 10 and 14. And then he said ‘no, I was 3 or 4’, and then he said ‘no, no, I was 15.’ And he described the inside of Havenhurst, the family estate in Encino, during a time when Michael Jackson may not have even lived at Havenhurt. So there was—added into it—was the instability of the mother figure in this case. She hasn’t even been around this boy for several years. He’d been living with his father.

Add on top of this the fact that Allred and Lieberman running around LA, contributing to the bringing of these false allegations to authorities, and you have a situation where they could be in much more trouble than they realize. What the hell is wrong with these two? Gloria Allred—a California attorney who some ridicule as a “media whore” and who others say never met a high-profile case she didn’t attempt to jump into the middle of—is bound by duties under the State Bar of California. As indicated by Geraldine Hughes in her book Redemption: The Truth Behind the Michael Jackson Child Molestation Allegations, one of the duties under California Law is:

Not to encourage either the commencement or the continuance of an action or proceeding from any corrupt motive of passion or interest. (page 42)

Some lay persons interpret this to mean that a lawyer cannot and should not be involved in either starting or furthering claims where a person’s motives are corrupt. This “new accuser” claim has already been deemed not credible by the Santa Barbara authorities. Sources in the LAPD—currently investigating the claims—have said they don’t believe this accuser’s story and cannot confirm whether or not this so-called accuser even knew Jackson around the time they are alleging abuse occurred. But what is the motive for these two possible partners in crime to further these false allegations? Sources have theorized that they needed an allegation of abuse that allegedly took place around the same ages as Jackson’s children’s ages in an effort to have his children removed from his care. If they can get an accuser to say that Jackson molested them when they were 3-5 or 6 years old—around the same ages as all 3 of Jackson’s children—they could possibly get Child Services to step in again and try to get an investigation for the removal of his kids. The theory may not be so far-fetched as these two have less than stellar reputations with the media and the public. In an article written by Arianna Huffington, she says of Allred:

Allred’s court is the court of public opinion. As such, she is a most disturbing symbol of what has gone wrong with our legal system…Allred has given the term “skirt-chasing lawyer” a new meaning…And since legal resource and public attention are both finite, the more we clamor against made-up abuses, the less we focus on the real ones proliferating around us. (see Article)

These also aren’t the first insults and not the most recent ones directed towards her either. As for Carole Lieberman, according to sources, she has desperately tried to inject herself into a number of high profile cases. As a matter of fact, according to NBC’s Mike Taibbi, she is the reason why the Santa Barbara police opened up a 2 month investigation last year, from Feb-April of 2003 into the very allegations they are now pursuing. However, Jackson was cleared and that investigation yielded nothing: no other accusers, no witnesses, no nothing. It was closed after that time and concluded that there was “no criminal activity” on Jackson’s part. It was only after this family hooked up with attorney Larry Feldman and Stan J Katz—the same lawyer and psychologist who represented and “treated” the 93 accuser—that allegations of abuse were made. In another incident, she had a run-in with attorney Jeffrey Figer. Figer appeared on Court TV April 2003 saying that “under no circumstances” would he ever allow Lieberman to testify in the Scott Amadure trial because she was “mentally unbalanced.” Lieberman sued Figer for defamation and lost. The case was appealed, which she lost as well (see Article) Figer is not the only one who feels that Lieberman has a problem. As evidenced by her comments, someone should look into whether or not she could be engaging in behavior tantamount to malpractice. For example, she was a guest on MJJF Talk Radio in which she actually claimed that Jackson needs psychiatric help, should be on medication and should have his children removed until he has done so. This “diagnosis” was done without her even knowing anything about Jackson, ever having met him, or ever having a chance to observe him with his children. It will be interesting to see if Lieberman will be sued for malpractice or have her medical license suspended or revoked as a result of her involvement in this latest scam, whether she knew it was a scam or not. The fact remains, though, if the police don’t deem the allegation credible—and those in Santa Barbara already have–she very well could be sued for malpractice by this “new accuser”. As for Allred, if she is involved up to her eye-balls in this case as well, her public ridicule could get a lot more stinging than it already is. You better stay tuned. -MJEOL

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