Jackson Did Not Request Passport, Not Traveling to Africa this Weekend

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Date: Sunday, April 18, 2004 MICHAEL JACKSON DID NOT REQUEST HIS PASSPORT, NOT TRAVELING TO AFRICA [b]MICHAEL JACKSON DID NOT REQUEST HIS PASSPORT AND WAS NEVER TRAVELING TO AFRICA THIS WEEKEND[/b] Washington, D.C. … There is erroneous information being disseminated in the media which states, in fact, that a travel agency in St. Louis reported that Michael JacksonÂ’s trip to Africa (specifically Namibia) this weekend had to be canceled because he was denied a passport. This is a lie. FACT: Michael Jackson was never traveling to Africa this weekend. Members of the media who contacted us directly with regards to this rumor, were advised of the same. Michael Jackson has absolutely no business dealings with a travel agency in St. Louis, nor did he request his passport to travel to Africa this weekend. Mr. Jackson has stated his concern about people misrepresenting him and making misstatements. All media should contact this office to clarify facts. Mr. Jackson has received invitations to travel to Africa. However, these invitations are being reviewed, and will be handled in an appropriate manner. Source: Raymone Bain :nav Source: http://www.mjjsource.com

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