MJ Accuser’s Testimony ‘Shaky’

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[b]MJ Accuser’s Testimony ‘Shaky’ [/b] April 19 2004 By Roger Friedman :ohmy The grand jury testimony of the 14-year-old boy accusing Michael Jackson of child molestation was not a success, I am told. Much was made recently of the boy’s appearance before a grand jury convened by District Attorney Tom Sneddon in Santa Barbara. As was the case 10 years ago, Sneddon’s case against Jackson depends on the grand jury believing the veracity of a teenager. But two grand juries in 1994, you may recall, did not conclude that Jackson had molested anyone. Now I hear from sources involved with the case that the 14-year-old, who testified recently, did not make a good witness. In fact, I’m told that his own lawyer cut off the questioning when he saw things were getting rough. This comes at a time when, I am told, the boy’s mother — who in 1998, according to statements made by her ex-husband in court papers, spent time in a mental hospital — is again having similar problems. “She was hospitalized again,” a source tells me. … If the testimony of the current accuser was indeed as “shaky” as it was described to me, it will be interesting to see where the case goes next. If the grand jury does not hand down an indictment, the lack of a case would abrogate any chance the family had for a civil suit or cash settlement, as in the 1994 case. … Meanwhile, Dr. Carole Lieberman — the Beverly Hills psychiatrist who filed a complaint against Jackson after his baby-dangling incident in early November 2002 — says she wonders if Sneddon has a case at all. … :nav [url=http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,117478,00.html]Read FULL Article[/url] :3pinned [url=http://forum.mjeol.com/index.php?showtopic=16130]Your Comments?[/url]

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