Jackson ‘Associates’ Reject Immunity

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MJ ‘Associates’: No Immunity Wanted Friday, April 30 2004 by Roger Friedman (Fox News) :ohmy If Frank Tyson or Vincent Amen, the Michael Jackson employees who watched over the family involved in the child molestation case, are indicted or named as co-conspirators, they will not be taking immunity and testifying for the prosecution, according to my sources. It’s also unlikely that Marc Schaffel, the videographer to whom the young men reported during that period of time, would accept a deal like that either. My sources are fairly vehement about this. Tyson has known Jackson since he was five years old. Jackson has been a regular guest at Tyson’s family home in New Jersey for years. Tyson’s siblings and parents have spent great quantities of time with the singer at Neverland and on trips. They all consider each other family. ….. It was around Valentine’s Day that Schaffel, who had spoken to Wiesner, turned the family over to Tyson and Amen. The 23-year old college students are both soft spoken, laid back guys. They had little interest in being babysitters, but that’s what they became to the family. They also acted as chauffeurs. When the mother had to go to family court against her ex-husband, it was Amen who drove her. When she demanded to go shopping or to visit her parents’ home, Amen drove. “You don’t know what she was like,” Amen has told friends. If anyone felt like they were being hostage, it was Amen himself. The mother apparently was relentless in her opportunism. When Tyson and Amen talk about their experiences with her, it’s with weariness, not anger. They were often responsible for looking after her three children while she was socializing or spending time with her boyfriend, Army Reserves Major Jay Jackson. Amen will testify that the mother was “up to something.” He sensed a problem on March 11, 2003 after the mother won added child support from her ex-husband in family court. Amen told her how happy he was for her. The mother replied that she was upset because, after weeks at Neverland and fighting the husband, she expected more. “Michael promised he’d make my kids stars,” she said. … :nav [url=http://forum.mjeol.com/index.php?showtopic=16533]Read FULL Article[/url]

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