Two Former Employees Start Jackson Support Site- MJEOL Bullet #140

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Two Former Employees Start Jackson Support Site- MJEOL Bullet #140 Two former Jackson employees, Christian Robinson and Ian Barkley, have launched a support website called You may know Christian Robinson from his interview with ABC’s Cynthia McFadden Feb 26 2004. Robinson was Jackson’s videographer and Barkley was a photographer. Robinson was privy to devastating information that blows a gaping hole in the prosecution’s “case” against Jackson. More about that later. is a place for fans to express their support and to purchase MJ related merchandise. In a press release dated May 3 2004, Robinson and Barkley officially announced the website. According to the release, it’s a website that will serve as a place for fans of Jackson to show their support. The site is not endorsed by Jackson in any way. The release also says is a place where “fans and supporters can post news, get updates, and find links to other valuable Jackson information.” Robinson says:

The fans are screaming and fans of the American judicial system are screaming. We’re simply giving them products representing what they want to voice…We have enormous respect for Michael Jackson, and we know what his fans think of the case. will simply help them voice and publicize their support for Michael.

Robinson spent two years recording both Jackson and those persons who were lucky enough to make it into his “inner circle”. He was also the videographer who recorded the family completely denying anything happened on videotape in Feb 2003. Robinson apparently asked the family, repeatedly, if anything sexual or untoward happened with Jackson. They—all of them—repeatedly denied anything inappropriate happened. I’m assuming this line of questioning would include any admissions they wanted to make about allegedly being held hostage as well, since Robinson’s video was shot right in the middle of the time the DA is alleging abuse, child abduction, and false imprisonment was happening. According to the ABC News report, Robinson says he did ask the family on tape about any “abuse”:

“Yeah. I asked. And they answered, and they were very up front and they, of course, said absolutely not,” said Robinson on ABCNEWS’ Good Morning America. “All of them, every single one,” he said. Robinson claims the alleged victim, his brother, his sister and his mother all said Jackson did nothing wrong. (see article)

Robinson says he told the family to be truthful over 30 times during that video because he wanted to give them an opportunity to tell their story:

“And just to clarify that even a little bit more, during this interview I told them to speak truthfully probably more than 30 times. I kept on reminding them, I’m like I want you guys to tell the truth. You know, I know how passionate you guys are about this. I just want, I want you guys to tell your story. And they told it,” Robinson said.

This interview with Robinson lasted an hour and a half in which the family was “passionate” about their support of Jackson. In fact, Robinson says they became angry at him for repeatedly questioning as to whether or not Jackson sexually molested the accuser. He says:

“They were resolute in their answers. You know, I’d ask them one thing and it’s almost like they were getting mad at me, ‘why are you asking us this, this is Michael is innocent,’ ” Robinson said.

Robinson also made a revealing comment about the family’s demeanor. He says none of them were coached at all nor were they intimidated:

“I will tell you this, the family was not coached. The family was incredibly passionate, not just the accuser and his family, but the other two siblings. There were tears, they were holding hands, they were talking about Jesus and God and Michael as the ultimate father figure.”

Robinson admits that he also asked the family about the sleepovers at Neverland with the accuser, Star #1, and his siblings. According to Robinson, both the accuser and his brother admitted that Jackson slept on the floor. This also fits with what both Jackson and the accuser told Bashir during that so-called “documentary”. During the ABC broadcast, both the accuser and Jackson admitted that he slept on the floor. The accuser even described what Jackson slept on while on the floor, saying Jackson slept on a pile of blankets. The accuser’s brother, Star #2, actually went further to explain what they did while with Jackson, according to Robinson:

The videographer says he recalls that the younger boy elaborated on the sleeping arrangements, saying they watched movies and played games before they and Jackson would fall asleep.

No mention at all of alcohol, abuse or intimidation from the accuser, nor from family. Another blaring admission in that ABC report deals with who knew what, and when they knew it. Supposedly, sources close to the “case” told ABC News that the boy’s family didn’t know about any abuse when Robinson was shooting that video. How, then, could the accuser’s brother have WITNESSES any alleged abuse at the time, if no one knew anything when Robinson was shooting the video? Further, why would the family have needed to be “intimidated”, abducted, falsely imprisoned, or extorted if no one knew anything?? Regardless of how incorrect his views are about Jackson and the Nation of Islam security, Robinson did have some important information about this family. Robinson and Barley are just two of many people who would be able to testify as to the demeanor and the words of Star #1, Star #2, the mother and the sister. Here’s a hint about those other possible witnesses: at least 2 of them are reporters who have publicly spoken about what they saw at Neverland in Feb 2003. -MJEOL

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