A Conspiracy of Shame

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[b]What’s Going On In Santa Barbara?[/b] tHe cUttInG eDgE.com There is an old saying that what goes around comes around. May it still be so. More than a handful of people with common sense already recognized the nonsensicality of child molestation allegations against Michael Jackson. But last week, the case took yet another ridiculous turn when Jackson was indicted not only on charges of molestation but also on conspiracy to abduct a child as well as extortion. Just when you thought the injustice system in Santa Barbara could not get any more ridiculous, they continue to surprise and exceed me. Not. The charges against Mr. Jackson are the fruits of a scheme born in the womb of a racist, sexist, political machine devoid of conscience, morality, or integrity. In effect, this machine has the entire city—-whether they choose to acknowledge it or not—firmly caught between its teeth, particularly those who intentionally strike out against the powers that be (from hereafter referred to as the PTB). Hence, it should be no surprise that Mr. Jackson has found himself on the wrong side of the fence since he is a black man who happens to be the richest person in the area, a black man who married TWO white women, and finally a registered DEMOCRAT. In essence, Mr. Jackson sticks out like a sore thumb to the PTB. Not surprisingly, this entire case is the ultimate sham of shams, a tedious exercise in prosecutorial smoke and mirrors set up to fool people into believing that Mr. Jackson was guilty of any of the charges. Further, the “case” is nothing more than an elaborate house of trick cards constructed and situated to exact revenge on the Gloved One for daring to be his own man and not bow to the self-proclaimed potentates of Satanic Barbara (not a misspelling). Yet, this drama has unfolded at almost breakneck speed compared to other cases of alleged misdeeds involving children like R&B superstar R. Kelly, who has yet to be tried on child pornography charges stemming from an arrest over two years ago. So who are the architects who are keeping this conspiracy going? TOM SNEDDON: The Grand Wizard of Deceit, he is not only driven but consumed by rage, determined to pummel Mr. Jackson into the ground. How else does one explain circulating photos of a naked Jackson to certain people, as FOX NEWS talking head Geraldo Rivera charged earlier this year, and making light of them? How else does one explain tearing up Neverland under the guise of looking for “evidence” to arrest when he had already obtained both a search warrant for Neverland as well as an arrest warrant for Mr. Jackson? How else does one explain the press conference in which a giddy Sneddon cracked jokes about a case supposedly involving the sexual abuse of a minor? Make no mistake, for years the powerful Santa Barbara DA has networked with a number of business and political elites, allegedly forging a labyrinth of connections used for no other purpose than to strong arm or blackmail anyone into doing his dirty work. The system has worked so far and Sneddon has been instrumental in implementing what one unnamed source called his Three ‘Rs’ Agenda successfully: REDNECK, RACISM, and REVENGE. However, some are already predicting that Sneddon has gone too far in the case and may be driving off the edge of a cliff. If so, Sneddon will find himself bound and gagged by a tape that is not easily erased or explained away. What consumes him will in fact destroy him. JIM THOMAS: Every Grand Wizard needs a flunky and Sneddon certainly has a good one in the former Satanic Barbaric sheriff.. Thomas is essentially the good DA’s prostitute, hopelessly tethered to the man who allegedly has enough dirt on Thomas to force him to be Sneddon’s mouthpiece to a bankrupt and sound-bite hungry media. How else could one explain Thomas attempting to explain away the suspicious activities of a prosecutor who meets with the mother of his star witness accuser in an abandoned parking lot? Or what about Sneddon sliding his card underneath the mother’s door BEFORE any allegations were even made by the family. Even more ridiculous, let’s not forget Thomas’ most famous mantra: “There are other victims.” Gratefully, Thomas will follow the way of his prideful pimp, falling from grace into a morass of muck and mess crafted by their own hands. Follow at your own peril, Jim. BIG BUSINESS: There are way too many varied commercial interests to name specific groups but know this: Santa Barbara is land poor. Jackson, on the other hand, owns over 2,700 acres of land in Santa Ynez. Toss in political and racial concerns as well as kickbacks from business owners clamoring for land, influence, and prestige and you have a hot mess for Jackson. But what is done in the done will come to light. BELIEVE THAT! Voices of Protest? With Mr. Jackson being the perhaps the most recognized person on the face of the earth, and with such an obvious hatchet job of a case becoming more insidious by the day, one question has been burning in my mind: WHERE THE HELL IS THE NAACP? Historically known as a ………… (continue to page 2) [pagebreak] progressive, proactive civil rights group that coupled keen investigation with intentional strategy and activity, the NAACP has gone missing so far as the Jackson case is concerned. This same group, of course, had no problems accusing Mr. Jackson of not hiring enough African-Americans during the 1980s. Of course, Michaelmania was in full swing and any attention—–positive or negative—-involving him was bound to garner attention for all involved. Perhaps instead of clamoring for photo ops with white Fortune 500 magnates, the NAACP should rediscover its rich history of protesting injustice and fighting for the rights of the oppressed regardless of the color of their skin. The NAACP is dropping the ball, missing an opportunity to rip the sheets off of a corrupt and racist local government that longs to destroy any whose decent intentions oppose their own agendas. Furthermore, the NAACP should be ashamed of its lack of voice on this matter. It is high time they stop using the legacy of its storied past as means for personal gain. One word to the NAACP: show up or shut up. Another voice of protest missing from this is that of veteran black writers and political/cultural commentators. I should say a RATIONAL voice here because a number of those who have commented have obviously spent more time questioning Mr. Jackson’s blackness than questioning the merits of the case against him. Others mimic the voices of their racist white counterparts in attacking Jackson. Larry Elder, who strains to sound like a fair-minded Negro his white friends can tolerate, accused Mr. Jackson of playing the race card in alleging that Sneddon’s arrest and ransacking of Neverland had an element of racism involved (Michael jackson & the race card (12/04/03). Deliver uppity Black folk from blind ignorance. Had Elder taken his Black behind (yes, Larry, you’re STILL Black) to Santa Barbara and actually began to talk with people in the know there, he would have learned that Jackson’s claims were not an aberration but rather a common occurrence for people of color there. Memo to Elder and like-minded Negroes like him: stop sitting on your behind and using the media’s latest “exclusive” stories to judge the case. Instead of reflecting on how much you think Mr. Jackson’s appearance has changed over the years, discuss how LITTLE has changed in this country regarding racism. For Elder to defend Sneddon is almost tantamount to selling another brother into slavery. How I long for the day when Black media outlets (BET) will wake the hell up and start discussing issues like Mr. Jackson’s case. For too long, we have allowed ourselves to be co-opted into a minstrelsy play, shaking our behinds to anything that had a “tight beat.” Well, I have no issue with tight beats but while some of you are “up in da club gettin tipsy,” the King of Pop is being prepared for a public lynching. And don’t think for a minute that this has nothing to do with you. If Michael Jackson, who has more money than you and more lawyers than you, can be railroaded by a racist, vindictive prosecutor, tell me what in the hell makes you believe that you are safe? Remember, Mr. Jackson was on top of the world exactly twenty years ago. Now load that on your MP3 and play it! It is time for people who care about civil rights to say something. This is no longer an isolated incident. It is time to rage against a machine that creates the harrowing and sickening scenarios like the one fomenting in Santa Barbara. Particularly, it is time for Santa Barbara residents who have languished silently for years under the hand of shady leaders to come forward and tell the truth. Remember Jasper, Texas? That was the city where a Black man was dragged to his death in the streets by white men trying to fulfill some sick fantasy of killing a Black man. That city could have exploded in racial unrest and yet, the citizens—Black, White, Latino—refused to allow a few numbskulls to control their city’s destiny. They banded together and called for justice and GOT IT! Let that be a lesson and an encouragement to you, Santa Barbara. Indeed, there are brave souls, lovers of humanity, of God, and of peace who long for a city they can be proud of. In addition, these same persons are no doubt in absolute fear for their safety and even lives should they come forward and expose the real Santa Barbara to the world. But know this: if Santa Barbara remains silent and partakes of this conspiracy of shame, both its reputation and its city will go down in flames. Let him who has an ear hear. tHe cUttInG eDgE © The Cutting Edge All Rights Reserved Article found at: http://www.dickgregory.com/index2.html ——————————————————————————–

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