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Jackson Case: Kid’s Parents at War Wednesday, May 19, 2004 By Roger Friedman The 14-year-old boy at the center of the current Michael Jackson case is right in the center of a family at war. The boy’s parents, who are in and out of family court over custody and visitation issues, recently crossed swords again. This time the mother, who has been called an opportunist and a manipulator in this column by many who have had dealings with her, really said a mouthful. In court papers she said that not only do her two sons and one daughter not want to see their father, but — and this is only according to her — the two boys sleep with baseball bats because they fear this man. She also said they go through putting up a series of barricades so they can sleep soundly. But it turns out, according to the father’s lawyer, that the daughter has seen and spoken to her father. “The mother doesn’t care whether she sees him or not,” says H. Russell Halpern. “She’s only interested in keeping the boys away from him. She’s afraid they’ll tell him that the whole Michael Jackson story is made up.” In fact: sources have told me from the beginning that when the 14-year-old underwent chemotherapy treatments a year and a half ago, it was the father who took care of him. When the family first came to Neverland, it was the father, not the mother, who accompanied them. “When the boy got sick, the father took a leave of absence from his job and slept next to his bed. The boy wanted him there for comfort.” The mother’s latest court statement, says Halpern, “demonstrates her lack of credibility.” And there may be some evidence to back this up. When the mother sued J.C. Penney a couple of years ago, she gave a deposition in which she allegedly testified that her ex-husband — whom she later accused of beating her kids and killing her dog — was a “wonderful man.” Halpern is busy right now trying to get the deposition unsealed. He claims that the Pasadena, California lawyer who handled the case has been pressured by the mother’s attorney, Larry Feldman, to keep the papers hidden. But attorney Tom Rothstein told me yesterday, “I’ve never spoken to Larry Feldman in my life.” Feldman, of course, is better known as the lawyer who got a $20 million settlement for another family from Jackson in 1994. :nav Source: [url=,2933,120327,00.html],2933,120327,00.html[/url] :3pinned [url=]Your Comments? [/url]

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