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Jackson: A Geragos Indictment? Friday, May 21, 2004 By Roger Friedman Michael Jackson once sang, in a little remembered 1996 song, “Tell me are you the ghost of jealousy/The ghost of jealousy.” The ghost — also described as “ghoul upon the bed” — was meant to be Santa Barbara District Attorney Tom Sneddon. And what a ghost Sneddon has turned out to be. His office refuses even to answer the phone, forget about violating a gag order. Everything is turned over to his PR company in Los Angeles, so Sneddon doesn’t have to deal with the hot glare of a free press. Jackson sings in the song, “Who gave you the right to shake my family tree?” So I don’t have an answer to this question, but I do have a rumor that’s building up strength. Sneddon apparently is interested in indicting Michael Jackson’s former attorney, Mark Geragos, on the conspiracy charges of kidnapping. Sneddon, in his zeal to convict Jackson, has totally bought the story from the mother of Jackson’s 14-year-old accuser that she and her children were held hostage by Jackson associates in February and March 2003. Sneddon’s office, citing the case’s gag order, declined to comment. Geragos did not return our call. But a Geragos insider told me: “I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s true. Sneddon is trying everything he can to get Michael. He wanted to make Mark a witness in the case if he could.” Where exactly does Geragos fit in this story? Early on, the mother retained a lawyer named William Dickerman, quoted here in this column on November 17, the day of the Neverland police search. Dickerman later told this column that he wrote several letters to Geragos, including one on March 26, 2003, asking for the return of possessions the mother said were taken from her apartment in East Los Angeles by Jackson associates and put into storage. Those associates, Frank Tyson and Vincent Amen, working at the direction Marc Schaffel, Dieter Wiesner, and Ronald Konitzer, were all unindicted co-conspirators named in the latest Jackson indictment. But kidnapping? Held against their will? There will be reams of testimony indicating that the mother did not want to leave Neverland, and that the possessions she claimed were missing amounted to very little, if anything. :nav Source: Fox411

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