Fiery Words from Attorney Tacopina– Bullet #146

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Fiery Words from Attorney Tacopina – MJEOL Bullet #146 Joe Tacopina appeared on Fox News Live May 23 2004 to once again knock down what so many in the media have tried to insinuate: the alleged ‘co-conspirators’ have not “flipped” and will not be accepting any deals from the prosecution.Tacopina told host Rita Cosby that threats about his clients being arrested have been ongoing since the Jackson indictment.The question is, have prosecutors shot themselves in the foot by badgering these alleged ‘co-conspirators’?Or was there ever a chance in hell that they would even consider “flipping” on Jackson? Tacopina revealed, during the show, that rumors in the Jackson case arise every two weeks “like clockwork”. These rumors range from threats of arrest, to more ‘co-conspirators’ being named in this kitchen-sink conspiracy charge. And ever so often, there does appear to be leaks from sources telling the media what the family is alleging happened. Tacopina says he believes Sneddon isn’t going to charge anyone else in this case for fear that the “case” will mushroom into two separate “cases”. Sneddon doesn’t care about anyone else in this case and only wants a conviction of Jackson, says Tacopina. If Sneddon goes this route, he’ll not only have to deal with Jackson’s attorneys and their investigators, but Tacopina and his investigators, and the attorneys for the other alleged ‘co-conspirators’ and their investigators. Given what has been dug-up from this family’s background so far, it would be disastrous for prosecutors if something else about this family’s past would be revealed from investigations done on the behalf of people accused of ‘conspiring’ to allow Michael Jackson to commit molestation. According to the law, if Sneddon charges anyone else in this conspiracy nonsense, the two cases and counts will be split into two trials:

The worst thing he could do is make this case—allow this case to mushroom into two separate trials. Which, if there’s another person indicted with Michael Jackson for this conspiracy, it will require by law a severance of the two: counts of conspiracy and the molestation counts. He’s not gonna let it happen.

As for his clients, Tacopina says he doesn’t think they will ever be charged—and if they were charged, he’s not worried about them being convicted. “The stream is running out of the sail,” says Tacopina. He reveals that prosecutors are trying to taint the reputation of people around Jackson:

I’m not too concerned about these guys being charged anymore, quite frankly. If they are charged, I’m not concerned about them being convicted. But this is more of the same. They’re trying to dirty everyone around Michael Jackson with rumors. Bring charges or don’t bring charges.

Video should be coming soon. -MJEOL

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