Accuser’s Family Files Claim against DCFS-MJEOL Bullet #148

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Accuser’s Family Files Claim against DCFS-MJEOL Bullet #148 Just when you thought the Jackson case couldn’t get any more ridiculous, a piece of news crosses the wires that simply makes you chuckle in disbelief. According to ABCNews the family of the accuser has filed a claim, the first step towards a lawsuit, against the LA Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS). The document obtained by ABCNews and now available at, was filed on behalf of the accuser and family. And guess who’s behind the filing of the claim? You guessed it, civil attorney Larry Feldman. Feldman was involved in the 1993 case in which he oversaw the settlement, initiated by the 93 accuser’s family. Feldman’s acceptance of the settlement undercut the prosecution, also headed by current district attorney Tom Sneddon then, because once they got the money they refused to cooperate with prosecutors. Well it seems as if Feldman is again trying to either undercut the prosecution or causing more problems than prosecutors already have with this so-called “case”. The family’s complaint is in relation to “violation of privacy.” Some legal experts are absolutely baffled at the family’s claims of violation of privacy in a “case” dealing with the prosecution of a molestation charge. But the story gets more convoluted: they are also seeking unspecified “damages” because of it. The media by far thrives on leaks. Some observers say that had the DCFS investigation concluded that Jackson was guilty of something, and still was leaked, the family wouldn’t care at all that their privacy was allegedly invaded. As a matter of fact, a representative has previously stated that the memo is backed by a substantial case file, with other information found during the DCFS’s investigation. Could this claim being filed at this time be a way to scare anyone else from leaking any more incredibly damning information about that investigation? Or could this simply be Feldman preparing for a round of future lawsuits? Appearing on the Today Show this morning (May 27 2004), Feldman appeared dodgy with his answers at to why the family made this claim at this time. Matt Lauer seemed skeptical at the reasons why the claim was filed. He questioned the motives, the reason for the claim, and how it could be playing right in the defense’s hands. Feldman says that one of the reasons why the accuser’s family filed this claim that they didn’t want this—the leaking of information—to happen to any other family. Quick! How many families have had their DCFS documents leaked to a worldwide audience?…….Can you name one other family, other than the ones involved around the Michael Jackson “case”? I didn’t think so. What is also important to note is that Feldman says he went to the DCFS after someone allegedly leaked the 1993 accuser’s affidavit. Well, I guess he wasn’t worried about that leak invading anyone’s privacy because he didn’t file a lawsuit for invasion of privacy then. It is unclear if he even so much as filed a claim. Why not? Maybe it was because the 93 accuser’s unfounded, unchallenged, and unproven affidavit was damaging to Michael Jackson and may have intimidated him into making the decision to settle the case. Or maybe Feldman isn’t being truthful about where that 93 leak came from. Stay tuned. -MJEOL

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