Stunningly Bizarre Developments around Jackson “Case”- Bullet #149

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Stunningly Bizarre Developments around Jackson “Case”- MJEOL Bullet #149 In rather stunningly bizarre developments today (June.1.2004), the accuser’s family has set up a PO Box address where they are asking the public to send “letters of support”.In other news, reports that they’ve received a request from the LA Department of Auditor-Controller asking them to reveal the source of one of their many leaks. During today’s broadcast of Court TV’s Crier Live, she posted information of how “supporters” can reach the accuser’s family to send letters of “support.” If you find this as ridiculous as I, you’ll also note that this could be a way to taint the jury pool and to play on the public’s sympathies. The “dying cancer patient” shtick didn’t work because it was revealed that the accuser was a healthy-looking kid; jumping fences and enrolled in a rigorous Sea Cadets program. This was a far cry from the inaccurate stories pumped to the media by the likes of Jamie Masada (remember him?) and a number of prosecution sympathizers. Some say that when the “victimized, death-bed cancer patient with a swollen face, sleeping on the floor while mom is reading the bible praying for a miracle” story was revealed as a lie, they needed another way to gain the public’s sympathy. And, as if on cue, Diane Dimond rears her head—also appearing on the Crier Live show today—attempting to paint the accuser and family as lone-suffering, isolated victims going up against the big, bad Jackson machine. Cue the violins and cry me a river! One thing is for sure: Some people just aren’t buying it. The possibly correct conclusion is that this PO Box address was set up by the family as a means to lure negative letters from those who don’t agree with what they are alleging. Or it could be to take in financial contributions from those who “support the victim”. *rolling eyes* A number of people are very distrustful of prosecutors and won’t be falling into what they may perceive as a trap to further paint the accuser’s family as the “victims” in the media. Feldman may be planning to use any negative comments he receives from the public as a means to show how the family has been “damaged” by having the memo leaked, and to be used for a future lawsuit against Los Angeles County. Needless to say, you won’t be getting their PO Box information from this website. Leaking leakers and the leaks they leak? Also, today posted a copy of a letter they received from the LA Department of Auditor-Controller asking them to reveal who leaked the explosive summary memo in the Jackson case. The memo was a summary of an investigation into these very molestation accusations against Jackson, which lasted from Feb 14-27 2003; smack in the middle of when prosecutors are alleging a conspiracy and molestation was taking place. The conclusions of the memo: the molestation allegations are “unfounded”. The family never told any child services worker that they were being intimidated or being held hostage. They never mentioned any molestation, anything about alcohol, nor anything about being taken to Brazil. Larry Feldman recently filed a claim for damages against the LA Department of Children and Family Services. This would be the first step in filing a civil suit against Los Angeles County. Get this folks: according to Feldman, the family was damaged by the leaking of this memo. Some say that the family’s inconsistent statements are what is most damaging; greatly hurting their already-bruised credibility (or what’s left of it). As a result of this claim, the LA Auditor-Controller penned the letter to asking for a response to the following in regards to their “criminal investigation”:

  • 1. The name of the person from who you received the memo.
  • 2. The circumstances under which it was received.
  • 3. If you received it with the minors names redacted or un-redacted.
  • 4. The date and time that you received the memo.
  • 5. The date and time it was posted on your website.

What?! There are at least a dozen media personalities, tabloid reporters and tv lawyers who should be receiving a letter like this with regards to how some of them managed to get ahold of seemingly negative information toward Jackson. But have they been investigated? Nope. Feldman never filed and won a lawsuit against Child Services for the leaking of the 93 accuser’s unchallenged and unproven affidavit because it painted Jackson in a negative light. In the investigation which has drawn so much attention, the family, then, said the exact opposite of the story they are now telling after they hooked up with “money lawyer” Larry Feldman. According to that memo, the accuser told Child Services workers (CSW) that there was no abuse, he never even slept in the same bed as Jackson, and expressed a fondness for Jackson:

The child ____ was interviewed by the CSW as to the allegations and he denied any form of sexual abuse. He denied that he ever slept in the same bed as the entertainer. The child _____ also denied sexual abuse. Both children [the accuser and his brother] expressed a fondness for the entertainer and stated they enjoyed visiting his home, where they would often ride in the park, play video games, and watch movies. The oldest sibling _____ (age 16) was also interviewed by the CSW. She stated that she had accompanied her brothers on sleepovers at the entertainers home and had never send anything sexually inappropriate between her brothers and the entertainer. (see memo)

Not only does the accuser’s story change, but both the brother and sister’s stories change along with the mother’s story as well. Back in Feb 2003, she told child services that her children were never left alone with Jackson. She, too, says her son slept on the floor:

As per the sexual allegations, the mother stated that her children are never left alone with the entertainer. She further stated that her son has slept in the same room as the entertainer but they did not share a bed. The entertainer would sleep on the floor.

Now they’re all claiming that Jackson is a molester and that the big, bad sinister Jackson team held them hostage in some elaborate conspiracy….only Jackson was so careless that he’d blow this big, bad elaborate conspiracy by molesting the accuser in front of an eye-witness. And if you believe that, I have a big green statue in New York I’d like to sell you. It’s called “The Statue of Liberty” and I made it with my bare hands. So what to make of these bizarre developments? Of the claim for monetary damages, some observers say that Feldman could be going on the offensive to head off potentially more damaging information that may get leaked from some unnamed source. Who knows. The current speculation is that they were expecting Jackson to crack. That way, prosecutors get what they want and the accuser’s family ultimately get what they want. Since Jackson has shown no signs of giving in, hasn’t “cracked”, and none of the “unnamed co-conspirators” have “flipped” on him, Feldman may be seeking a quick monetary settlement from anyone he can at this point to keep the family on-board. Other media sources contend that the family is getting restless in a “case” where the plan may have been to get Jackson to cop a plea and settle another multi-million dollar lawsuit. That plan, obviously, isn’t going as expected. As time goes on, the story gets so much more convoluted that I feel like I’m losing my mind trying to understand it. Maybe you should send me some letters of support. *rolling eyes in disgust* Stay tuned. -MJEOL

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