Prosecutors STILL Senselessly Searching for “evidence”? – Bullet #152

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Prosecutors STILL Senselessly Searching for “evidence”? – MJEOL Bullet #152 The Santa Barbara News-Press recently reported (June.5.2004) that prosecutors are still being granted search warrants to seize phone records in the Michael Jackson “case”. What the hell do phone records have to do with a molestation “case”, you may ask? Some say that prosecutors aren’t looking for “evidence” of molestation, but rather they’re trying to find dirt on Jackson’s personal life or the personal lives of those around Jackson; possibly those alleged “unnamed co-conspirators” (ha!). The reports states that as late as May 20 2004, prosecutors were issued search warrants for 17 different companies including Verizon in California, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and New Jersey. As with most things in this “case”, the documents didn’t provide details as to why the records were requested, according to the paper. Another baffling and possibly sinister search warrant was issued on May 14 allowing prosecutors to seize credit reports from Transunion, Equifax and Experian, and bank records from Bank of America. Again, how the hell does this prove molestation or conspiracy? It’s anyone’s guess at this time. But it does seem extremely suspicious that prosecutors are getting access to credit reports and bank records. Much ado has been made about Jackson’s finances over the past 10 years. Erroneous information has surfaced and been published by reporters on the wrong track, hoping to forecast the financial downfall of Michael Jackson. These forecasts have made a number of people look like idiots in the wake of so many of the doomsday predictions not coming true; and just like much of the erroneous information about Jackson which has been passed onto the public slapped with a “Breaking News” label on it: Jackson becoming a member of the Nation of Islam (false), Jackson about to file for bankruptcy (false), Jackson’s 93 accuser testifying in front of the grand jury (false), Jackson not being in control of his life (false), Jackson may flee the country (false), ETC. ETC. ETC. What is most disturbing about this information, however, is the fact that they are still trying to find something that they obviously should have already had before taking this “case” this far. They received an indictment from allegedly unbiased grand jurors. So, why the need to search financial and credit records months after the indictment? Shouldn’t this information have already been gathered and presented to a grand jury if there was anything “incriminating”? And if this info is just now being gathered, what exactly did prosecutors present to an allegedly unbiased grand jury to convince them of a “conspiracy” or “molestation”? Do prosecutors STILL only have the word of the grifting family?? As far back as March 26 2004, lawyers were decrying the prosecution’s desperate search for info they should have had before they even arrested Jackson. Loyola University Law Professor Laurie Levenson says that the seizure of info isn’t usual, but the timing is:

“What is different,” she said, “is that it’s being done after the arrest rather than before. (see articles)

A Fox news report from Roger Friedman (shocker) on Feb 2 2004 quoted a “source” supposedly at the heart of the “case” as saying that these fishing expeditions are indicative of a lack of evidence:

Another source — and I mean, these people are right in the middle of this thing, not just bystanders or outsiders — told me with great confidence: “It means the D.A. has no case. He’s gone from the top down, instead of the bottom up, looking for stuff. He obviously hasn’t found anything.” (see article).

That report also says that “insiders” were “amused” by the raid on Marc Schaffel’s house at the behest of prosecutors. If you listen to media reports, Schaffel’s allegedly one of the people named in the Jackson indictment as an “unnamed co-conspirator” (ha!) But why the search warrants seeking personal bank records and credit reports by prosecutors? If you think for one minute that the molestation “case” is strong and the prosecution is just trying to cover their bases, you better think again. In fact, some observers say that prosecutors may be at their wits-end because they’ve turned up nothing indisputable to confirm/prove Jackson’s guilt in any way on either the changing molestation counts, the changing alcohol counts, or the added conspiracy charge. I guess it never crossed their minds that the family—claiming those 28 over acts of alleged “conspiracy”—would lie about things so obviously checkable. And we are all left to wonder why prosecutors are scrambling at this date to put together a “case” that may not have ever existed. -MJEOL

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