Jackson Spokeswoman: Leaking of Doc ‘an act of desperation’

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Jackson Paid $23 Million in 1990s Molest Case -Report 2 hours, 3 minutes ago By Dan Whitcomb LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Pop star Michael Jackson (news), who faces a trial on child molestation charges, paid more than $23 million to a boy and his family in the mid-1990s to settle similar accusations, CourtTv reported on Tuesday. Though it has long been reported that the 45-year-old singer paid millions of dollars to settle a civil lawsuit by the boy, CourtTv said it had obtained a copy of the legal agreement and was making it public for the first time. [b]A spokeswoman for Jackson said she was trying to find out if the documents shown on camera by CourtTv were “the actual agreement” in that case. She added the release of the information appeared aimed at influencing potential jurors against the entertainer. “That settlement had a very strict confidentiality agreement that was negotiated by parties,” spokeswoman Raymone Bain said. “We are going to abide by that and not comment.” She added: “Whoever released this agreement, whether it is the actual agreement or not, did it deliberately and willfully with the intent to influence potential jurors in the current case, which is outrageous and an act of desperation.” [/b] The papers, which were signed by Jackson and his then-attorneys, Johnnie Cochran and Howard Weitzman, in January of 1994, show that Jackson agreed to set up a $15.3 million trust fund for the boy, as well as pay him a seven-figure lump sum. According to the court documents, Jackson also agreed to pay the boy’s parents $1.5 million each and pay $5 million, plus expenses, to their attorney. CourtTv said the moonwalking entertainer also had to pay his own lawyers an unspecified amount for their work on the case. Jackson was indicted in April on a 10-count indictment that charges him with committing lewd acts on a boy under the age of 14 as well as child abduction, extortion and false imprisonment. He has pleaded innocent and his attorney, Thomas Mesereau, has vowed to vindicate Jackson at trial, which is tentatively scheduled to begin in September. :nav Source: [url=http://www.reuters.com/newsArticle.jhtml?type=entertainmentNews&storyID=5431676]http://www.reuters.com/newsArticle.jhtml?t…storyID=5431676[/url]

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