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Man sues eight officers By Karen White — Staff Writer March 5 2002 A Los Alamos resident struck by a Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s deputy and then arrested, only to have the charges against him dropped, has filed a federal suit against eight law enforcement officers. The suit, charging violation of various rights, was filed Feb. 28 in the U.S. District Court in Los Angeles. David Allen Richardson, 48, was accused of felony assault on a peace officer and misdemeanor resisting arrest after the alleged incident on April 2, 2001 at the Los Alamos Lariat Bar. Richardson and his wife, Carina, had gone to the bar to celebrate their wedding anniversary. Confronted by deputies, Richardson was struck in the face and knocked unconscious to the floor, according to police reports. Deputies claimed Richardson threatened them with a beer bottle. Charges were dismissed Jan. 3. Richardson, his wife and a companion, George Beeghly, a business owner living in Lompoc, have filed a 14-count civil complaint against Santa Barbara County, and Sheriff Jim Thomas, Lt. Jim Dollar, Sgt. Walton, Senior Deputy Hiersche, Deputy Toedte, Deputy Carlson, Deputy McVay and Deputy Allain and John Does 1 through 10. It charges unreasonable search and seizure, false arrest/false imprisonment, excessive force, retaliation for exercise of speech and petition rights, conspiracy to violate civil rights, violation of First Amendment right of association, malicious prosecution, negligence, battery and conspiracy and other charges. Richardson and Beeghly both alleged they were attacked, battered and sustained injuries sufficient to require surgery and keep them from working. The civil suit also charges that sheriff’s deputies searched the bar without the owners’ consent, wantonly destroyed property belonging to the bar owner, stole the bar’s liquor license and told the bar owner they would shut down the business. Staff writer Karen White can be reached at (805) 739-2217 or by e-mail at :nav Source:

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