Defense Subpoenas Sneddon & Others for Misconduct– Bullet #163 Update2

Defense Subpoenas Sneddon & Others for Misconduct – MJEOL Bullet #163 Update2 Michael Jackson’s attorneys are calling prosecutors out on their misconduct today (July 9 2004) in a pre-trial hearing. Tom Sneddon, the current district attorney of Santa Barbara, apparently engaged in misconduct when he lied—intentionally or not—in order to obtain a search warrant to raid the offices of a private investigator working for Mark Geragos. Sneddon himself went to Miller’s office, took picture and looked up Miller’s number in a phone book at a phone booth, days before he got the search warrant. As a result, Sneddon and investigators have now been subpoenaed to testify in at the next pre-trial hearing to be held July 27 2004; possibly by videotaped deposition.